Henry Norris is the football correspondent of the Bugle newspaper and an ardent Arsenal supporter to boot. He has had somewhat of a sabatical but he is back in business. Each week he’ll speak to Eldo71 here at arsenalinsider.com to bring you his forthright views on all things AFC…please be advised, it is not for the faint-hearted!
It occurs to me that the Italians are in town tonight. Her Majesty’s Arsenal are due to entertain those chaps from Milan at the home of football in this Champions League event. Trouble is, Mr Wenger and our boys are right up against it because of that staggering 4-0 loss in the first leg.
Italians? Bunch of rotters if you ask me. Never been a great fan of the people, never mind their football teams. All goes back to some colourful stories from my old Uncle Herbert and his part in The Battle of Monte Cassino. They are for another time, however.
So can our heroes see off these swarthy Roister Doisters? You bet. And I will I have a hundred guineas here which I am placing with my bookmaker on a certain flying Dutchie to hit five goals at the Emirates. That’s a 1000-1 shot. I am counting my money already lads, what, what!
The Van Man is certainly in some form and his delightful double against theLiverpoolteam at the weekend certainly lightened my heart and put a spring in my step. And I must say it was indeed pleasant beyond belief to see Mr Kenneth Dalglish sport a face like a smacked arse post the victory for the glorious Gunners.
I was due to attend the aforementioned match-up but, alas, my driver, Crispin, got thoroughly pissed the night before and I had to make do with watching it on the television set in my local, the Farmer’s Ankle. On completion of the 90 minutes I clambered on the bar, sang a rousing version of Good Old Arsenal and had a jolly lovely fumble with a ruddy-faced barmaid who goes by the name of Winifred. Spot on, old thing!
Keep the faith chaps. Don’t forget to join me in the Club Level bar afore the game tonight for a tincture or two…I’m buying.
I’ve never really had a beef with those omnicidal maniacs from N17. Why should I? Over the period of my lifetime they have never really troubled us when it comes to ruling London and nor should it ever be the case by the grace of God.
But I must confess I allowed myself a smile on Sunday when I saw that their scoundrels had been beaten to within an inch of their lives by the United chaps of Manchester, all but ending their hopes of a Premier League title. Is it really all those years ago that the puss-filled Lillywhites won a top flight crown? Yes.
Now all that remains is for Mr Wenger to inform the chaps that under no circumstances are the miscreants allowed to finish above us and that they must be overhauled quick-quick.
Pip, pip for now, old things!

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