Keown hints at role as Wenger’s new No.2 at Arsenal

Who would you prefer as the new No.2 to Arsene Wenger at the Arsenal? Pat Rice is calling it a day as the manager’s right-hand man and a new assistant will be recruited in the summer.

It is generally accepted that Arsenal fans would prefer a former player, someone with a bond with the Gunners, as an ideal replacement for the stalwart Rice, who has been at the club – save for a spell at Watford– for 44 years.

Steve Bould – some supporters’ favourite for the role given his day to day involvement at the club in his job as youth team management at the Emirates – would seem to be a front-runner but there is also a chance that either Tony Adams or Dennis Bergkamp could be in the frame.

One Arsenal hero not so far mentioned too widely as a serious candidate is Martin Keown. Until now. For Keown is Arsenal through and through and is still employed as an ambassador for the club  and, indeed, flourished in that position recently when he travelled to Asia in an official capacity to help announce the summer tour of Hong Kong and China.

I think I am right in saying Keown had a spell in a coaching role drilling the back four but this only lasted a season for one reason or another.

I for one would applaud his appointment. Can you imagine the defence even daring not to carry out his instructions to the letter on match day? He would definitely instil discipline into the rearguard and we would certainly benefit hugely from that.

And Keown, currently finding work as a pundit for the BBC, dropped his guard on the situation during various interviews in Asia and judging from what he has said it doesn’t stretch the imagination too much to suggest he has at the very least hinted there is a chance of a return to football…and there is a vacant position coming up, of course.

I know this is supposition and a tenuous link but none the less worth repeating.

Asked specifically if he had plans to coach again at the Emirates, he said: “I’ve chosen a path at the moment but we will have to see what happens. I have been out of game now for a number of years so would have to be fast tracked back in someway.

“My footballing fix comes from talking about football and there is a certain tension with  live TV but we will see happens future because I love football. I enjoy talking about it but you can’t beat working with a team, there is ambition to achieve something proper so we will see what happens in the future.”

Keown as No.2? What do you reckon?

11 Comments on "Keown hints at role as Wenger’s new No.2 at Arsenal"

  1. Fuck me, that is a tenuous hint!

  2. as long as it’s an old boy.

  3. babasola tokoya | 24/03/2012 at 10:30 |

    keown as wengers assistant wont be a bad idea

  4. I ud 4 steve bould I think he can help us improve de incorporation of youthful talent in snr  team.

  5. definitely want keown or bould, I’ve still got doubts over Adams’ coaching quality after his less-than-successful career and I think it’s too soon for someone like bergkamp or even henry (when he retires from playing), give them a few years coaching experience (I know bergkamps already at ajax) before you offer them a number 2 spot. Just my thoughts anyway.

    By the way could I be a bit cheeky and advertise my website?, new blog on all things football but focused primarily on the PL and obviously as an arsenal fan I give them a bit more focus. Any thoughts, opinions or even just views would be welcome although it’s only been up for around three days, more posts to follow obviously hoping to bang out another 1 or 2 today, plus a live match report on spurs v chelsea on my twitter @footballthinkin:twitter  obviously if this is inappropriate/annoying just delete it and I’ll not do it again

  6. not really a clue……he’d like to be involved with a club & most probably Arsenal. The 4 names you have mentioned though would all be excellent appointments & I guess will come from those, I tend to think it will be Bould though, with Keown maybe incorporated to the youth set up. Personally I’d love to see Bergkamp as No.2 

  7. Tony Adams!

  8. It has to be Dennis B, and  T Henry if we want to see Arsenal go to the next level.

  9. Martin Keown would a great nos 2 for Wenger he bleeds Arsenal a real GOONER WITH BOTTLE

  10. the real GOONER Dennis B

  11. Bloomsbury Gooner | 30/03/2012 at 23:17 |

    “Dog of War” Keown is an Arsenal LEGEND.  Bring him back home, where he belongs.

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