Laudrup: Losing Michu and Williams to Arsenal would be huge blow

Michael Laudrop

Arsene Wenger and Michael Laudrup agree on one subject at least. Unfortunately for Arsenal supporters it isn’t a deal which would see Michu and Ashley Williams move from Swansea to the Emirates. Not yet anyway.

No, what the Premier League managers agree on is that the transfer window system should be modified. Wenger’s view is that the deadline should be brought forward to when the season kicks off.

He said: “I’ve said many times that the transfer window should be over when the season starts as things usually happen in the last 10 days. We are not there yet but a lot will happen in the next 10 days.”

Laudrup agrees with his counterpart. He said: “I was at the meeting of Premier League managers before the season started, and one question we asked was why we can’t move the transfer deadline to before the season starts.”

Laudrup is aware that Wenger has been linked with a £35million joint offer for Swansea captain Williams and star striker Michu. But he has revealed that so far the transfer chatter is just hearsay. He said: “They are just rumours. We haven’t heard anything.”

Yet Laudrup concedes he may still have to contend with a late bid from the north London club. He added: “It would cause huge damage if we lost two players at that level now because you need to find replacements at the same level.

“If you sell someone and then try to buy someone the next day, everybody knows you have money and the price goes up. That means we are very, very close to the deadline of this club as far as selling anybody goes.”

Newcastle boss Alan Pardew criticised Wenger after he made a bid for midfielder Yohan Cabaye – who was left out of the team that lost 4-0 –before the game against Manchester City on Monday.

But Laudrup has defended the Gunners’ approach. He said: “I saw what Alan Pardew said, but that is the way the rules are at the moment – Arsenal did nothing illegal.

“If Arsenal bid for Michu and Ash tomorrow just before we play in Europe, I could say something, but there is nothing that says they can’t do it. Until the rules are changed, it’s a part of the game.”