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The last few games for Arsenal fans at the Premier League were heart-breaking. One of the most feared teams in the competition, nay world, succumbed under pressure losing out to Crystal Palace, Wolves, and Leicester City. A final attempt to gain some points lead Emery and his boys to a draw against Brighton and a 3-1 win against Burney in what would be their last match of the season. Still, Arsenal came in at a noteworthy fifth position, but it seems they had already moved their focus on to the Europa League much before these last few games.

When we look at the Europa League, Arsenal has been unstoppable, winning their last four matches against Valencia and Napoli comfortably and with good scoring margins. Their recent 3-1 and 4-2 wins over Valencia in the semi-final rounds were brilliant games where the whole team came together and put on a show to remember. With the end of the Premier League, football euphoria might have died down a little, but fans, punters, and bookmakers don’t have to wait too long to see their favourite team back in action again.

UEFA Europa League Final

It’s a matter of great joy for the fans and the present Arsenal team as this is the first time, they have reached the European final since 2006. However, Arsenal won’t have it easy and must break through the Chelsea defence to take home the coveted trophy. It’s easy to see how hotly contested this game will be by looking at thebookiesoffers. Chelsea is listed at 7/5 odds whereas Arsenal is at 9/4 odds. If the previous few Arsenal games are anything to go by, and the boost that the team got with Aubameyang winning the Golden Boot in the Premier League, a win here is guaranteed, and something that Arsenal fans desire the most.

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International Champions Cup

After the Europa League ends, there is a gap of about a month and a half before the team starts playing again. This time, it is for the International Champions Cup where they will come head-to-head against the best clubs from around the world including Bayern, Roma, and Manchester United. While Emery is busy recruiting new talent, punters should use this time to either invest in other games across the board or analyse the teams that Arsenal will be facing.

Using the lull in-between the games for research can make a huge difference when it comes time to make an informed bet, and also allows bettors to capitalise on advanced bets with better odds. Do remember, the first few matches in the International Champions Cup will be crucial as Emery is more than likely to test his team who in all probability will have a few new players.

A Friendly Match

To get back into playing mode, following a much-needed resting period for the players, Arsenal will be partaking in a friendly game against Colorado, in the middle of July. Quite a few leading bookmakers carry odds for friendly matches as well, and for the punters, such competitions are an excellent opportunity to see how the players are performing before the major tournaments.

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