REVEALED: Exclusive look at new Arsenal home shirt for next season

This is what the new Arsenal home shirt for next season looks like, Arsenalinsider can excluisively reveal. As in previous years, we have been given the first sneak peak at how Arsene Wenger’s players will look in the latest offering from the club and manufacturers Nike.

We’ve been right every time in the past and we stand by this image, such is the strength of belief in our source. We have seen an actual photo of the new top but to give no clue as to where and when it was taken, we have mocked up this version based on the original picture we have been sent.

Of course, the Gunners are due a fresh design given that our current home kit pays tribute to our 125th anniversary, with the club badge suitably altered to do so. As you can see, we revert to the previous crest and there is an introduction of a third colour, navy blue, too.

So, what do you think?

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  1. Absolutely rubbish. This cannot be. The color of black has nothing to do with Arsenal. This looks more like the Man Utd-shirt for next season. The only good thing about this shirt is the normal crest.

  2. bom, the black is clearly the shadow from the sleeves mate.

  3. lol is that a french flag on both sleeves?

  4. This must be another ‘commemoration’ of the 92/93 cup double. New one every year it seems just to change shirt. Should last two seasons killing two birds with one stone for ECWC in 94. Still looks rubbish

  5. Dear god this is the worst kit I’ve seen yet. I thought this seasons kit was bad but this is absolutely disgusting. Hideous, cringe worthy and genuinely makes me feel sick.

    I’ve purchased every kit for the past 10 years except for this seasons kit. Looks like I’ll be doing the same again for next season.

    I’m sick of all these stupid blood commemorative Annieversary. Celebratory shit. Stop beating a dead horse.

  6. I really like it.

  7. They should stick to the kit they had last season for all seasons. Even that wasn’t perfect, though, as the red cuffs should have been no more than 12mm wide. 

    I would like to know when we’re going to get a yellow and blue away kit. We haven’t had one of those for years.

  8. Is it just me or does that “black stripe” look alot like a shadow?!!! And look at the length of the arms, looks quite long for a t-shirt.
    Nah, black stripes is utter bs.COYG

  9. OBVIOUSLY THIS IS NOT THE NEW HOME SHIRT. THIS SITE IS TAKING THE PISS. IT’S THE 2010/11 HOME SHIRT WITH SOME BLACK MS PAINT ADDED TO THE SHIRT. USE YOUR HEAD. and for this site to try and pass this off as the new shirt —-> pathetic.

  10. I’m not a fan of the current home shirt, mainly the badge, but this is far worse.  I don’t get the navy sections, surely it can’t be a shirt to commemorate winning the League Cup and FA Cup?  If it is it is a sign of how far we have truly sunk over the past few seasons.  I could easily see a team like Sp*rs doing something like that, but not the Arsenal…

    A part of does like the thought of Nike paying tribute to an Adidas kit though, bet they loved that suggestion (if it’s true of course).

  11. Read Goonerlukes post.

    This is fake and gay

  12. to the people saying it’s not real: Are you actually fucking retarded? He’s already said in the article it’s a mock up of what the kit will look at, i.e. not a real photo. They’ve got it spot on the last few years so I’ve got now reason not to believe this.

    On the actual shirt. That’s fucking horrendous. What the hell were they thinking?!

  13. Looks shite!!! The new away shirt is the better shirt

  14. Wtf, Are we manutd? What is that?

  15. Why do I continue to click links to this site. This is worse than your report about Joe Cole definitely signing a couple of seasons ago! Let’s see, we’ll use Microsoft paint to stick a couple if colours under the sleve, that’ll fool those gullible gunners! Laughable!

  16. Bradford Meller | 11/02/2012 at 16:01 |

    Fake. As usual.

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