“Shambolic, diabolical Arsenal”, Wenger has made a decision, two planes are better than one and more injuries

Afternoon Bulletin

The match

Now, it’s not often I agree with Jamie Redknapp, in fact I can’t stand him the majority of the time as a pundit, but for once I actually agreed with him with his summation of the game against West Brom. He used the words ‘shambolic, diabolical Arsenal’ and he was spot on. It was really poor and you have to wonder if manager Arsene Wenger has lost the dressing room.

The defending was shocking against a team we all knew would be excellent at set pieces. There was no energy at all within the team and it seemed the team has already thrown in the towel and really couldn’t care less if Wenger was manager or not. Wenger has to take some blame of course, I also wonder what Steve Bould is doing at the club, but the players have so much to answer for too. They simply are not doing it for the shirt.

Wenger decision

At the end of the match Arsene Wenger admitted that he has made a decision about his future but nothing will be announced until after the international break. Now to me that sounds that Wenger is possibly staying and all will be announced once the fiasco of the 3-1 loss to West Brom dies down. If that is his decision then there will be a fair few upset Arsenal fans. Can you imagine Arsenal Fan TV?

Plane banter: #planegate

So we all knew one plane was going to be flying across the Hawthorns, but two? Well we had ‘No contract, #Wenger out’ and then minutes later ‘In Arsene we trust #respectaw’. Classy, not a bit. Embarrassing, a lot. The supporters are still so divided over Wenger.


Alexis Sanchez ankle according to Arsene Wenger was in a terrible state at half time after a terrible tackle by James McClean. Wenger added that Sanchez should have not taken the field for the second half but insisted that he wanted to play.

Petr Cech was also injured in the match going off after 35 minutes with what looks like a leg injury.

Mesut Ozil failed to travel for the match after he picked up a slight hamstring strain in training on Friday along with Lucas Perez who also missed the match with a thigh injury.


Now is not often I offer an opinion on the daily bulletin but it would be interesting to know other fans feelings on the whole Wenger in or out. For me the club needs a change, I have always loved Wenger but it seems his time is up. It’s is not just all down to Wenger of course, the players have a lot to answer for too as they are simply not performing, but like any club or business the buck stops with the manager. This season has seen the club’s supporters split like I have never seen over Arsene Wenger. Surely the time has come for him to stand down and let someone else take the reigns. The team needs a complete rebuild and a change of tactics as what we seem to be achieving on the football pitch is not working. Wenger has done so much for the club but let’s see a change while Wenger can still be considered a legend.