Theo Walcott suddenly a hot item

Arsenal winger Theo Walcott has suddenly become a wanted man, if not by the Gunners then reportedly by London neighbours Chelsea. Rumours have been circling around that if Arsene Wenger is fed up with the enigmatic youngster then Roman Abramovich is willing to open up his wallet to sign him.

And according to former Gunner Stewart Robson, he wouldn’t mind seeing the back of Arsenal’s number 14. Walcott, like the rest of his teammates, went through an inconsistent year. He managed to score 11 goals in 46 games for the club this season and apparently did enough to impress new England boss Roy Hodgson, who included Walcott in his Euro 2012 squad. He scored eight of the goals in 35 league games and set up 11 for his teammates.

The 47-year-old Robson told talkSPORT radio that he thinks Walcott’s a liability when defending with Arsenal and if he asks for a wage increase for his next contract the club should get rid of him and see how much they can get for him. Robson said he doesn’t think Walcott’s a good football player and it wouldn’t bother him if Wenger sold him tomorrow. He admitted that the winger is quick and fast, but is just a good athlete who happens to wear a pair of football boots for a living.

Robson feels that Walcott should have been taught how to be a better technical player when he was younger, which may be a dig at Wenger and his staff. He added that Walcott should have learned how to find the open spaces on the pitch and should be more aware of what’s going on around him during games. These are the words of a midfield player who scored 16 goals for Arsenal in 150 games, so take them for what you feel they’re worth.

Like Robin van Persie, Walcott’s contract expires at the end of the 2012/13 season. But, unlike his Dutch teammate, Walcott has reportedly made it known that he’s perfectly happy at the Emirates and would like to sign a new contract. What isn’t known though is if he’s seeking a pay raise. Wenger doesn’t seem to be in a rush to sign him as he said he wants to wait until Euro 2012 is over, but could change his mind if Chelsea is genuinely interested in him.

The Daily Mail reported that Wenger is frustrated with Walcott’s inconsistent play and still hasn’t decided if he wants to offer him a contract extension. It’s believed that the player makes about £70,000-per-week with the Gunners and it’s doubtful that Wenger would want to pay him much more on a new deal. If Wenger tries to low-ball him, it’s possible that Walcott will simply walk away from the club unless he’s sold first.

But to complicate matters, it’s believed that Arsenal value the former Southampton Englishman at about £20 million. If he’s worth that much the club certainly won’t want to see Walcott leave for nothing once his contract runs out. But since he’s just 23 years old and has quite a bit of experience under his belt, some fans feel Wenger will try to keep him since there’s a good chance he could become a star once he hits his peak.

I think if he can be signed at a reasonable price then Walcott’s definitely worth keeping around and not just because he’s an Englishman on the 25-man roster. He usually gives a good effort and is still young enough to coach and to get him to be more responsible in his own end. Let’s face it, he outscored everybody on the team this year other than van Persie and his 42 goals and 40 assists in 220 games with the Gunners isn’t too shabby.

If you were Wenger would you sign him, sell him, or let him walk?

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  1. As frustrating as he is to watch, his stats speaks for themselves.  The game against the scum sums Walcott up as a footballer!  I say tie him down to a long term deal and if he doesn’t work out, then at least he has a resale value.

  2. Depressed Gooner | 30/05/2012 at 15:18 |

    Arsenal FC are only interested in one thing- making money- so maybe Walcott will be sold. They treat their best players as assets to be sold off to the highest bidder. This year  RVP and Walcott, next year Jack Wilshere. Arsenal are a selling club so anything is possible. The present leadership and management of the club are hopeless-whatever they do it will be the wrong decision.

  3. keep him. he is a player that can change games with his speed.

  4. sell ramsey. please sell ramsey. as an arsenal fan i would love to see him go.

  5. Id sell him and a good few more!!! But my perfect replacement kawaga is signing for man utd this week 🙁

  6. Forget him being coached any better – Wenger has had him for 6.5 years and has not coached him out of all his horrible habits. We always wonder if Wenger has ever said to Theo get in my office and lets go through the game and then you can explain to me what the f*** you were trying to achieve. Surely at least once in 6.5 years! — but seeing his pathetic performances I think perhaps not.
    Utterly amazed by Roy Hodson selecting him and by the looks having him in his first 11 – bewildering. I think Theo’s parents don’t want to go because of the criticism that will come his way rather than any raciest excuses.
    Odd performances have been there but to me that is just law of averages as he has had far more chances than he has deserved – he’s bound to get lucky now and then – you or I would as well!
    To think that someone might pay money for him – well all I can say is snap their hand off! Stop saying he is young as some type of excuse – he’s been playing for more than 13 years!

  7. James the special one | 30/05/2012 at 16:54 |

    Let me tell u idiots something if we sale wallcot it will be the biggest mistake ever mark my words. Wenger is the one killing poor Theo, Walcott will go on to be the best striker in Europe but wen given the chance to play in his natural an where he is most comfertable. Wallcot knows himself belive me I seen where he’s most dangerous his finishing is in my opion world class but has not got the capabilities as a player to play out wide.This you can clearly see Wallcot is a old Michael Owen with electrifying pace. Imagine the threat to other defenders in the prem an in Europe, Wenger belives can he buy any player take them out there natraual pisitons an play them where ever he feels to, seem him do this for do many years now, I say he’s killing them off especially poor Theo.

  8. At John,
    John you think the racism is a joke, when fans are all running over to the overside of the stadium to beat up there fellow fans because they’re asian. I don’t even know you and you already sound like a racist d*ck.

    Back to the topic,
    Walcott is just slightly above average as a player on the wing, but I believe he will be a great striker. People say he hasn’t got the technical ability to beat players on the wing blah blah blah etc. I would like to see players like Owen and Bent play on the wing and see how good they do, as people are quick to judge players played out of position, even Owen at his peak would be poor on the wing.

  9. definitely keep him it would be silly to sell him before he gets to his peak. Give him a 4 year contract and re-assess after 2 years – by then he will be 25, others younger than he (eg Ox) will have matured and we’ll know for sure

  10. Depressed Gooner – Why do you think that Arsenal are ‘only’ interested in making money? Is it because;

    1. They refuse to go into silly debt like Leeds, Pompey or Rangers?
    2. Kroenke won’t pore billions of his own like Chelski or Citeh?

    The Arsenal directors do not receive a penny in dividends – unlike the Glazers at ManU. However they do insist on at least breaking even – a sustainable model that works well for any corporation, household or football club. Of course over the years share prices go up aqnd they can realise a profit if they sell – like Dein, Bracewell-Smith & Fiszman

    I don’t want Arsenal to be like Chelsea or City

    btw you think 7 years without a trophy is bad? I started supporting the gunners in 1955 – 2 years after they won the old Division 1 and 5 years after they last won the FA Cup. They didn’t win anything through all my childhood until the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1970 (I was 23) and the Division 1 & FA Cup double in 1970-71 – that’s a 17 year drought with no trophy!

    I’m sure that Kroenke & Gazidis and certainly Wenger and his players very much want to win and will not have to wait that long ever again

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