Thierry Henry on way back to the Arsenal


by CARL ELDRIDGE Is Thierry Henry on his way back to the Arsenal? Er, it would seem so – for the weekend at least. Because reports in America say his team, the New York Red Bulls, have been approached to play in the Emirates Cup in late July/early August.

Tel and his Red Bulls would be the first non-European team ever to play in the Emirates Cup. It’d give an interesting slant to the event which, if I am honest, even I am bored with. Still, it is something to do after a summer of withdrawal symptoms I suppose. The story was broken by Goonertalk early this morning.

But what will the Arsenal look like as they run out for the tournament? I only ask as two snaps doing the rounds on the net show what are supposed to be our new tops for the new campaign. AA23 has already said on his blog that the players will look like jockeys so it is fair enough to assume that the strips will be tight-fitting. The home kit seems very uninspiring and the away shirt is too similar to that worn by the Real Madrid whipping boys for my liking. See for yourselves…


The fancy design around the badge is to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the club. These are only mock-ups and may be well off the mark. We’ll know first here at as we have an excellent contact who gives us the scoop on the new kit every season. We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. boycott the new jersay until wenger bought some decent players..

  2. I liked the traditional red and white of this year. Don’t that have to keep it by law for another season?

  3. I really hope that’s not our away kit. Why would they choose yid’s colours to mark the 125th anniversary?

  4. Looks shocking!!! and why would we want to play in white like the spuds!! Bring back our yellow and blue i say.

  5. For all the doubters about The Arsenal wearing white please see the attached website.

    We were wearing white before yellow and for a lot longer.

  6. That is disgusting.

    It looks like the Spuds home kit. Why is there a blue collar ? Why indeed is it even a white shirt again ?

    Do Nike ever listen or learn ? It’s is not fit to even be used as rags in my house . . .

    I wonder why, if this is not even close, some people, from Arsenal, see fit to wind up fellow Gooners .

    Any true Arsenal fan knows that in the modern era there are only four colurs in a given design that will even count as proper Arsenal shirts/shorts. I am very disappointed . . . again !

  7. Thanks for the link WelshGooner, suprised to see the 1895 Home kit remake would turn us into Barca.

    Some people are so unsure of their own identity they lose themselves if you change their shirt colour.

    I’d like to see red shorts maybe with this top. Whack on some yellow socks and we’re sorted.

    Seriously though, aslong as we’re red shirts, white sleeves at home I’m happy.

  8. @ Welshgooner –

    Yes, I am aware we wore white many years ago but from the 1970’s onwards we wore yllow and blue in various forms barring one or two misguided efforts but of late the variations have become ridiculous.

    Youc could even argue we wore Barca colours for our home strip in 1895-96 but I hope we would never go back to that, lest someone confused us for Crystal Palcace even !

    One of our away kits, from 1918-1919 was a light blue shirt and shorts and dark blue socks. Again similar to the Spuds away kits of the last 20 years. That following season our away kit was like Fulham’s traditional home kit.

    It doesn’t really cut much ice for the fan in this current era especially when their is no need to change and certainly no need to ape our neighbours for the sake of cashing in on a few quid on a commemorative shirt. Traditional red and white shirt and yellow and blue shirts would sell as well if not better than this abomination.

  9. Fcuk the kit…its the trophies that count!!!

  10. they take liberties putting out shirts like these (if they actually do… but gotta say they’ve been quite close in the modelling in the past)

    Short answer to everyone. Don’t buy it! Stay with the shirt we have. buy retro jerseys we like. We run this club with our hard earned money and it talks!!!!
    Some poncie football shirt designer who has no idea who arsenal is needs to go find a very high bridge in my opinion.

  11. kits are changed to make money. full stop. doesn’t matter to them what they look like. And this is where the Fans association has a right to step in and direct things. Club either work with us to define what our kits will look like or we are not buying! And AFC do not change them every f’ing year. I do not care what shite down the road do or manfuck do.

  12. What the hell is wrong with Arsenal supporters these days? All I hear are moans…the players, Arsene, management, the stadium, the kits, other supporters. FFS relax!!! Enjoy life, enjoy the club and actually start SUPPORTING. I love the Gunners and will any shirt proudly that has our badge on it.

  13. My man David has figured it all out 😀

  14. I dont like this kit at all, these are not the away traditional colours and its becoming a joke.. Yellow and blue are our away colours full stop all these stupid designs and colours are becoming too much to bear… Even this years yellow was not that brilliant but at least it was yellow..Can all this stop please and keep our traditional colours alive…

  15. Archangel Arsene | 14/04/2011 at 23:30 |

    Look at comment and links above – its our 125th Anniversary and our original colour (away) was White before any of those foreign clubs were founded and before the Scum…!!!

  16. hey everyone, Kens a cunt and so is benchod.

    David, spot on, son

  17. Danny Fiszman was a true Arsenal fan. Till his deathbed, he was still concerned about the long term well being of the club. These moaning supporters should be ashamed of themselves. All they think of are “Arsene out”, “buy new players”, “Win a trophy”…. If these do not happen, will they still support Arsenal? Admittedly the players are not doing too well but long term wise, the club is stable. RIP Danny, for his dedicated support, more than what we ordinary fans can do for the club.

  18. change the jersey if they will help us win a title !!

  19. I hope he’ll back! it gonna be a great year!

  20. not by law, but home-kit deals with Nike last 2 years (away kits only 1)

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