United give Gooners the boot at Old Trafford

Should Arsenal banish away fans to the Gods at the Emirates next season? I only ask as it has emegerd that Manchester United will kick visiting supporters upstairs in the top tier of the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand at Old Trafford.

Previously,  away fans have been housed in the Scoreboard End corner but not from the start of the new Premier League campaign. United will trial the switch when they face Villa in a couple of weeks and if all goes to plan it’ll be a done deal next time us Gooners travel up there.

And I’ve heard that, acting on the specific instructions of manager Martin O’Neill, Sunderland, too, are to move the travelling contingent from behind the goal to the upper tier at the other end.

United want to start a singing section but also moving visitors to the back of beyond will help to decrease the level of noise and support teams get.

O’Neill has the same idea and if you’ve ever been to either ground you’ll know just how hard it will be to back the Arsenal in any decent way being stuck in the sky. Think Newcastle.

So why don’t Arsenal try to gain and advantage – however small – by doing the same thing? And we could charge them more for the privilege! The way the Emirates is set out it should be easy to inforce segregation and, after all, it has been done before when visiting teams bring big followings in the cups.

And it would surely help with the amosphere at the home of football.

Oh, and by the way, that was shocking yesterday at QPR. Apart from the lousy display on the pitch we had to put up with archaic facilities and how there has never been an accident in the upper tier of the away end is beyond me.

Just saying.

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  1. It is wrong to do that in my opinion, I won’t go to Newcastle for that reason, Football is about enjoying the day as an away fan, I doubt there is much of an advantage anyway in sending away fans to the gods, decent home fans should outsing away fans anyway..as you have highlighted in your final paragraph you found QPR an all together disappointing day out, why make fans feel that way about the Emirates, it is after all the best in the land, let away fans enjoy it !

    • not when they are morons like you (i have been reading your past posts)

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          • arsenalbob | 03/04/2012 at 12:23 |

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