Was the match against Liverpool a sign of great things to come for Arsenal?

Premier League Review Arsenal

Arsenal’s first two matches in the Premier League were against Big Six clubs Manchester City and Chelsea. They lost both matches, and there were whispers of whether or not new manager Unai Emery is up to the task. Critics were silenced soon after with seven straight wins, only to draw with Crystal Palace before meeting Liverpool.

While the recent match against a Big Six club ended in a draw, things actually looked pretty pleasant for Arsenal. It was an affair that was anticipated and it delivered in terms of fun and excitement. The sad part was that Arsenal didn’t come away with a win. One point would suffice for that match.

However, is that a sign of great things to come?

The next few matches

versus Sporting CP

Arsenal is scheduled to play a Europa League match next. The good news is that they don’t have to travel for it since it is taking place at the Emirates. Another good news is that they are up against Sporting CP, a club they beat in their first group stage meeting.

The bad news is that they only managed to net once, and the goal came in the second half. To be fair, Sporting CP didn’t seem to be a threat after Danny Welbeck slotted in the only goal of the match.

Then again, things can take a different turn in the second meeting. The advantage the Gunners have is that the match is going to be played at home. Most of the crowd will be Arsenal fans cheering the boys on in the hopes of securing a win.

Arsenal has lost a match in the group stage of the Europe League in this year’s campaign. Here’s to hoping that streak gets extended to increase their chances of making it to the next round.

The club will be riding on a bit of a high following the Liverpool match. Who wouldn’t be ecstatic? Liverpool is a top six club, and Arsenal managed to draw with them. That’s great energy to take into a match you have to win.

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versus Wolverhampton

The defence of the home turf continues in Arsenal’s next match. This time, they are playing a Premier League match against Wolverhampton. The Wolves currently sit in 1th place, and despite the wide gap between them, it’s not a reason to be cocky about getting out with a win.

It still requires hard work and a whole lot of team effort to walk out of the Emirates as winners when they meet a club not on the top ten of the league table. The mood of the team would most likely depend on the outcome of the Sporting CP match. But whether that ends in a win or a loss, this Wolves match is being played on home soil – that alone makes it worth defending. You don’t want to disappoint your fans, especially at the Emirates.

versus Bournemouth

The match against Bournemouth won’t be played at home, and we all know how challenging away games can be. However, there will always be traveling Arsenal fans to make sure the team has some support when not playing in their home turf.

As it currently stands, Bournemouth sit below Arsenal in the Premier League. They have 20 points against the Gunners’ 23.

Now, Bournemouth don’t have any European games to play. They also next meet Newcastle, who are on the bottom half of the table – quite close to the relegation zone. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be any good on the day they meet. Anything can happen really.

Arsenal needs a win to remain comfortably at the top half of the table or even jump up a few places. The Spurs are just ahead of them by a point. So the Wolves game is pretty exciting, right?

From there, hopefully things progress positively. But it’s also nice to know that Manchester United sit at seventh – still close in terms of points but the placement is something to be cheerful about.