Wenger is delusional


Yet more Wenger magic after today’s ridiculous draw with Liverpool. Forever defending his failed gambles, the manager leaped to the defence of Emmanuel Eboue, somehow insisting the visitors’ late penalty was wrongly awarded.

Ignoring Eboue’s idiocy and lack of composure, Wenger said: “There was no intervention from Eboue. It was Lucas who stood in his way and stopped his run to the ball. Eboue went for the ball and not for the player.”

Honestly, I’d prefer the usual “I didn’t see it” to this nonsense. How on earth could you claim Eboue went for the ball? Unless he thought he’d go for the ball with his hands, which is against the rules, and that the ball was on Lucas’ back, which it wasn’t.

If Eboue hadn’t been so stupid, he’d have realised Lucas was going nowhere dangerous, and if he’d waited and continued to force him wide, the whistle would surely have gone a second or two later. Why is Eboue STILL at Arsenal Football Club? For the same reason: Wenger refuses to see flaws in his precious signings, and won’t ever blame them, or replace them, at the risk of ‘killing’ them.

Next, he blames Liverpool for their defensive approach making it too difficult for his team to pass their way through and play their football.

“It was a difficult game against a Liverpool team who defended a lot and basically only defended,” he said. “It was difficult for us to create chances because they defended very deep. When they had the ball they played long so it was important not to make mistakes at the back. They defended well, like most of the Premier League teams that come here now.”

Yes, an injury-ridden Liverpool back four with two unheard of teenagers had an easy job against us. Just like Blackburn and Sunderland who both came to the Emirates in AWFUL form, and have continued that since, but remained untroubled by our attack. Shouldn’t Wenger’s priority be to work out how to deal with these tactics that teams have used so successfully against us for so many years?

And then, the same man who used our quick-fire exit from three competitions as an opportunity to focus on the Premier League and not get overworked by a busy schedule, came up with this: “At the moment we have problems to create plenty of chances, it’s true. But we are maybe jaded a bit physically as well. You could see that some players have played around 40-45 games and we lack a little bit of a change of pace, but we tried very hard.”

I know we’ve been a bit stretched by injuries, but we’ve hardly had any games recently, unlike, say, Man United, who until yesterday were still chasing a treble. It seems Wenger just pulls excuses out of the hat indiscriminately now, whether or not they make any sense. How can he seriously say we’re jaded? His teams have always collapsed at this point in the season since we moved to the Emirates, why doesn’t he look at it?

At the start of the 09/10 campaign Wenger said we had to win something, and told everyone to judge him at the end of the season. Well, that one’s gone and so has another by the look of things, and the excuses just get worse and worse. I am judging you, Arsene, and I think it’s time for change.


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