Wenger Urges FA to Introduce Video Replay Technology in Premier League

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has urged The Football Association to introduce the video replay technology in the Barclays Premier League so that the accuracy of referees’ decisions could be improved.

Last weekend, Chelsea’s two offside goals were wrongfully allowed to stand and then Manchester United were denied a clear penalty kick in their midweek loss to Wigan Athletic. The increasing number of dodgy decisions has led to widespread calls of the introduction of video technology and Wenger has thrown his support behind the idea.

The Frenchman says that the time has finally come to ease the referees’ jobs by equipping them with visual assistance. Earlier today, he said: “Last weekend was a very, very bad weekend. The football authorities on a global scale have to sit together and see how we can improve. There are some immediate decisions to make but as well it is time for us to help the referees. To all be united and have a less conservative approach and finally opt for video.

“Video will help the referees, not question their authority. It will give them more credit, more authority and less mistakes. [We need] instant video replays on the demand of the referee.”

FIFA hasn’t warmed to the idea yet, as their president Sepp Blatter and his fellow policy makers feel that video technology would interrupt the flow of the beautiful game, but Wenger disagrees.

He continued: “It would not stop the game. It would sometimes give a bigger flow to the game. Why? Because if I am a linesman and an offside decision is a 50-50 I’m tempted to stop the game. If I know I have a video behind me I am tempted to let it go if I’m convinced it is a real 50-50 and you could improve the flow of the game and check after.

“Football is the first sport in the world today but we have to accept we have the most conservative approach to the game than any other sport. It can be a strength but on the refereeing side I think it is a weakness.”

The Gunners boss also advised the FA to increase the number of match officials that are assigned to the Premier League. “I don’t think referees are bad. I just think the game is so quick. It is impossible for a human being to see everything no matter how good you are. Out of 100 situations [with instant videos] you would be less wrong than you would be today because you would have help,” he added.

Meanwhile, injured Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere’s hopes of returning before the end of the season and taking part in this summer’s European Championships are fading fast. The 20-year-old had picked up a serious ankle injury before the start of the 2011/12 season and after suffering several injury setbacks, Wenger has admitted that the England international’s morale is low these days.

When asked if he believes that Wilshere’s chances of returning to the playing field are diminishing, Wenger replied: “You’re not far off. We are now in mid April, the Euros start in the middle of June. Jack has not played the whole season and anyone who knows what is required at the top level, in terms of intensity, it’s getting short now. He has not joined the first team. He is still in the gym and running.”

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  1. Wenger is saying that cos he didn’t get a free goal this weekend. haha

    • We don’t need your flippancy here! The two “illegal”goals which Chelsea scored against Wigan deprived them of a point at least and may caused them to be relegated. It is unfair not only to Wigan but also to the other teams fighting for CL places, namely, Newcastle, Spurs and Arsenal in that Chelsea has unfairly collected 3 pts when they should not have.

    • Spurs are doing well you nob…

  2. Every team will want  to win every game and that is ok as long as they win fairly. The REFREE should not decide the winner!!!

  3. Relatively simple technology, not video, can be installed to detect whether or not the ball has crossed the goal-line.  It could automatically signal a “good” goal and there would be no need for appeals to the officials.

    Video evidence is a different matter entirely, who gets to decide when to use it?  The on-pitch officials? the players? the managers/coaches? or some “expert” in a TV studio?

    In what circumstances should it be used?  Offside?  Ball in touch?  Mad Mario type tackle? Shirt pulling? Diving? The list goes on endlessly as would the game. 

    Training the officials better, teaching the players and coaches the laws of the game. Engendering some respect between clubs and officials. All of these would improve the situation.  The one big thing that would make a real difference is for all concerned to STOP CHEATING.

  4. Wenger should concentrate in solving Arsenal problems  six years of yrophiless are enough to get any manager sacked , so wg#hat are waiting for?????

  5. I don’t understand why the use of video replays has not been introduces ages ago. The NFL has excellent model in my opinion. The manager of each team has a limited number (don’t remember how many, though) of times per game he can challenge the call referees made. The situation is then examined from a video replay and if the referees was correct after all, the team whose manager made the challenge will get a penatly (mostly in temrs of yards). If the manager was correct, then the situation will be judged by the referees again under the evidence from the video.

    Something similar could be easlily applied also to football. Give managers change to challenge the calls, and punish their team for delaying the game if they got it wrong.

    • Soccer is a continuous game, American Football stops every thirty seconds or so.  There are ample opportunites to look at video footage during those breaks in play.  The same cannot be said for soccer.  The game would become fragmented and of no interest to traditional fans.

      Goal line technology if you must, Video replays? forget it!

      • Have you watched a football game recently? Unfortunately what is supposed to be a continuous game is far from it. What we get are constant stoppages due to numerous ridiculous reasons. Just take a stopwatch out the next time you watch a game and record how much of the 90 minutes is actually played.

      • Well then the retrospective laws need addressing, That diving twonk Ashley Young needs to be severely punished, as the replays showed AGAIN contact was minimal if at all and he’s going down before “contact”, same with
        Greedybayor…he was always plunging forward waiting for Cech’s body to slide underneath him.

        • Unfortuntely until the managers tell their players to put a stop to it things will only get worse, at least old bacon face tried to stop Ronaldo from the worst excesses but he’s happy to take the resulting penalties and the points. 

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