Why hero Van Persie will stay at the Arsenal

All this chatter about RVP leaving has a lot of people concerned. Not Arsenalinsider reader Brad Porterfield, who has sent us the reasons why he feels the Dutchman will stay at the Emirates. What makes him so certain? Well, see below…


  1. Manchester City:He’s witnessed the villain Nasri has become. That greedy sod is now a public enemy, and even though he tried to smooth it over with some one off spoonfuls of Gooner love, nothing takes away from the fact that he went to a club owned by Saudi oil barons that are trying to buy their way into trophies. He’s plenty wealthy already, its time for trophies. I’m not saying money doesn’t factor, I’m saying its not the top priority. And while Man City is in a better EPL spot than us, their other endeavors have failed. On top of that the playing time is too shared, and teaming up with Aguero, Dzeko, or……Balotelli seems reserved for circus tents.
  2. Man United:Again the system doesn’t feel right. He works best when he’s by himself. Sharing the spotlight with Potato Wayne is improbable. RVP would find himself Berbatized and bored in no time. SAF has messed around but eventually will come back to the Chicharito/Rooney combo.
  3. Chelsea: This club is worse off than a fighting for 4th Gunners. While I was seeing stars when we were courting Juan Mata and I think their link would be enviable, there is too much drama around the manager for RVP to see a more attractive stable than Arsenal. Tack on an aging cast and its over a year after it started.
  4. Barca: OK, now were getting interesting. A Messi, Cesc, RVP trio would surely be tantalizing, but losing Cesc was heartbreaking. Having stayed behind to feel that pain, I just don’t think RVP can emotionally do that to the Gooner fan base or the coach that stood by him during injury laden years. On top of that, Henry went to Barca and essentially tanked his Euro career because it just wasn’t the right fit. In a way, its been done, and done, and done. I’m not sure how much joy he would get out of collecting a trophy alongside 9 nominations for footballer of the year.
  5. Real Madrid: I could see this as the most potential suitor. They have the money, they have the special one, they have the firepower, but not necessarily the depth at FW. A lot of wagons are hitched to Ronaldo, which…apparently is working great…but there could be room for an RVP with only 3 officially(Wiki) listed FWs. To boot, Madrid would be comparable to London. It would be  a change of scenery, a new challenge, with a very real chance to bring home some silverware AND play an active part in achieving that.
  6. AC Milan: Another potential suitor, especially with an underrated Ibra talking retirement. There could also be a potential Pato trade in there to help things along. The supporting cast has some great talent that could really contribute, but Serie A still plays 2nd fiddle to EPL. And Italian football is….”floppy.”
  7. Juventas: Juve just isn’t big enough of a club for Robin. They are overperforming at the moment thanks to Del Piero and probably getting this look just out of courtesy.
  8. Bayern Munich: Again just not big enough of a club. The prestige of playing EPL and La Liga followed by Serie A are by far and away the biggest stages prior to Champions League. Unless RVP was to make a calculated move to get to Champions League without any hope of actually winning it, I think we can count Bayern Munich out.
  9. Inter: Inter have some great talent but its just not clicking this year. With Sneijder talking about moving away to Man U next window, that would be half the reason he went. After that you have Maicon and Forlan, and some room for RVP to make a splash, but to be honest, I just don’t see anything much better than Arsenal.
  10. Arsenal: Ah..now here’s a fit. Robin is a leader. Here he leads an army that he has a passion for and a history with. He has a system built around him, a coach that has believed in him for years of less than ideal return. He has carved his way 3/4 of the way into the record books. He has upcoming talent in Ox, Wilshere, Ramsey, and yes still Walcott. He has a back line that is growing over the gaps in Koscielny. Pers, Santos and Verm. A world class goal keeper, and talent developing on loan. He has proven that the boys that left were possibly as much the problem as the solution. He has additional resources in route with Podolski and a treasure chest to match his financial value. He’s on target to get Champions League footy and possibly knock Tottenham out. He gets to play the hero in London rather than the villain in Manchester or “Not Messi” in Barca. Most importantly, he can finish what he started. He can steer his own destiny and write his own conclusion.

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