Winterburn expects Gervinho will join Arsenal, tells Wenger to buy English


Former defender and Arsenal legend Nigel Winterburn expects his old club will complete the signing of Lille striker Gervinho in due course.

The Gunners have been linked with the Ivory Coast hitman all summer, but Winterburn doesn’t necessarily think options upfront should be Arsene Wenger’s priority.

Winterburn is unsure about the likes of Laurent Koscielny, and believes the boss should try to bring in players who have played in the Premier League before.

He said: “It looks like Gervinho will come in and fill that centre-forward role which will make them stronger from a forward perspective, but then you look at the back four, it has to be strengthened.

“Laurent Koscielny, who I still think will be decent player, is very raw and was very rash with some of challenges; Arsenal need players who can compete physically and mentally with the Premier League.

“I think Arsenal need players who have played in the Premier League, they may even need to bring some English players back in to give them that mental strength they had in years gone by.

“Arsenal have to be really strong next season because some of the supporters have been voicing their concerns.

“And with the increase in the prices of the tickets, they want to see their team really strengthened and push the likes of Man United, Chelsea and, to a certain degree, Man City.”

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  1. Reports: Gervinho in London for medical ahead of his proposed €12m (£10.7m) move to Arsenal FC. (Anybody near the Emirates/ in London caught a glimpse of him?)

    Link1 ->
    Link2 ->

    We wait for the official confirmation from Lille and Arsenal of course.

  2. Can’t Wenger alrady now say that Arsenal are out of the title race, weeks before the season even begun?! Manu won the leage fairly easily, yet they have signed a lot of reinforcments, and are still not done. All Wenger has done is to sell one of the best LB in the league, and promised away 2 other stars. And that is after promisisng a !busy summer”. Screw this. Ferguson means business, he saw, he signer, he won. All Wenger does is…. well… nothing! Can’t we already accept that we’ve lost the tile now, we’ve lost the CL spot, and we’ll have to compete with Wolves for 12th place next season.

    Also, I didn’t realise that Wenger meant selling players would be a busy summer. All he signer, is an unknown dude from Finland, who, let’s be honest, is never gonna make it past resetrves. Arsenal have a healthy budget, yet they only spent 1 million, and sold Clichy for 7. So while MANU just spent 50 million of money they don’t have on quality players, Wenger made the owner a little richer. Good job! Let’s just see how happy the owner will be when the watch (on a big screen on their new yatch) United win the league again, while Arsenal, having sold Nasri, Fabregas, van Persie and Clichy, barely hang on to 6th place… This transfer summer sucks!

  3. No, cannot say out of title race!

    Manure did not win the title “easily.” They struggled through most the season which is why they are rebuilding!!

    Arsenal beat them and we beat Barcelona too name the other teams in world football who beat both the CL finalists.

    chicken little the sky is not falling.

    But the Sky is announcing Gervinho having physical at AFC today. Next?

  4. yeah Arsenal beat United once. But then they lost to them the 2 times, in the league, and the cup. Barca win was luck, on the return, Arsenal had no shots on goal! Beat them or not, that’s the stats. Besides, what’s the point of beating united once, if you lose to ALL teams that got relegated! The point is that united are rebuilding and spening, that’s why they are in the running year after year. Wenger makes profit from transfers every year, and what good is that if his team struggels to secure 4th spot every single year?

  5. Have Man U really strengthened? They have lost the best GK in the Prem and replaced him with an 18 year old. They have signed another 18 year old defender who will be 5th choice at best. And they have signed Ashley Young, but lost Paul Scholes.

  6. realisticly, Paul Scholes was crap the last 2 seasons. And Accorcding to the media, Snejder is coming in. But they signed a winger who provided most assist least year. Most importantly, that winger fits tactically into fergusons tactics. That’s what he does, he buys players who fit into his system, Wenger doesn’t. Besides, Phil Jones is a great taltent. he’s young, but already experienced and he’ll probably end up being the next Terry. I doubt he will be behind Smalling in the pecking order. A young goalie is a chance yes, but he is talented.

    The point anyway is, that he is rebuilding, and Arsenal don’t. I mean Gervinho might be a good purchase, but he is unproven in EPL. Both Young and Jones have years of EPL experience. Jones played first team football since he was 17 in Blackburn.

    So while Arsene is busy plotting the next sale of one of his stars, Chelsea and City are looking to buy quality.

    And what is a little annoying, is that the board promises a busy summer with transfers. If they didn’t, at least Arsenal fans wouldn’t be so dissapointed. They are used to sumemrs and winters where stars are leaving, the owners cash in on Wenger profits, and 15 yeard old frenchmen come in for free.

  7. @Alex3
    With all the experience that the England squad players have of the EPL, surely England are a shoo-in for the European and then the World Cup.

    Ashley Young better than Theo Walcott? Phil Jones better than Koscielny? Is the ManIOU new goalkeeper better than either the 2 Polish goalkeepers?

    Where I do admire the “Horse Thief” is promoting Paul Scholes into a coaching role. Where is The Arsenal just retired coach? There seems to be too large an age gap in The Arsenal present coaching set-up.

  8. I retract my comments notoverthehill, well put and spot on !

  9. Mr Wenger, how is South Africa these days. I here u are on the take, surely not… it cant be true – tell me so… any chance of a signing son…cnut you know

  10. part-2
    these Wenger FC fans acted as if they are the blue print on how to support our club…but six years and nothing!…. huh!…. nothing! but Nas&Fab are the bad guys? i think not…i think Fab&Nas thought they signed for Arsenal FC not Wenger’s nicely run Banking system. at best Mr. Wenger is the best scout in the world but football manager i think not. come on people… sport is about winning, you can talk about the books as much as you like…but that does not change the fact that sport is about winning and my lovely Arsenal FC has turned into a whore for greedy men! but you have a good time Mr. Wenger because if this season ends like the last you don’t have to worry about people like me that don’t hate you just want change…i.e. you gone! your going to have to worry about other managers looking at you as the joke of football! oh sir-Alex likes you now, that’s because you are of any threat at all to him, but six years ago when you liked to win, remember the good old days long long long ago! he was not your friend then! you keep on messing around with the Arsenal
    fans Mr. Wenger LOL! anyone that thinks i’m wrong put your money where your mouth is go and put at least £1000 down for us to win the title this year! ok ok that’s a bit unfair…how about the FA cup! dare ya…LOL. well all that put aside i am now going to go back to pray for change at our great club……..Arsenal FC!

  11. part-1
    i tell you something some of my follow arsenal fans are crazy i mean really coo-coo! for six years they say the same thing “in wenger we trust”…..”in wenger we trust”……”in wenger we trust”

    you sheep! you zombies! are you bankers or football fans? Wenger is a man that cares not about winning…it’s not debate it’s fact! the last six years are the proof of this. now you have to ask yourself this, are you a Arsenal FC fan or a Wenger FC fan? do you believe that with out wenger there is no future for Arsenal…or will we have a chance at a new life? Wenger fc fans are like racist in many ways…yes just like the BNP!…think about it! if you have anything to say about Wenger even if it’s the truth backed up by facts, out comes the name calling!….”Doomer”…”press monkey”…”if you don’t like it go support Man UTD”=(go back to your own country)…LOL!

  12. fellow not follow!! what can i say!!i was in a rush…LOL….. unlike Wenger?

  13. Alex3 are you sure you’re an Arsenal supporter? You big up our main rival so much, you might as well kiss Alex (your namesake) Ferguson’s ass and be the opposition fan instead. Everyone constantly panic and question Wenger’s purchase but you don’t see a problem with Phil Jones signing.

    As highlighted by one of the earlier poster. Their goalie have retired and he’s one of the best goalies out there and Paul Scholes regardless what you say about him having two crap seasons have performed when required of him. I really despise the so called Arsenal fans who raise the profile of the opposition and crap themselves whilst scared senseless by the rumours spread by the tabloids.

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