Arsenal make offer for Chamakh and watch Servet Cetin

L’Equipe are reporting this evening that Arsenal Football club have made an offer to Bordeaux for their striker Chamakh, they say that Jean-Louis Triaud laughed about the concrete offer, and suggested that it was quite insufficient from a club of the stature of Arsenal. In any case the fact that he said that it was insufficient and not rejected out of hand opens the door to negotiation. So could Marouane Chamakh be joining the Arsenal soon?

Mais, en rigolant franchement au moment où il évoquait le contenu de la proposition, il a fait comprendre qu’elle était insuffisante. «Même en cherchant des monnaies plus fortes que l’euro, le compte n’y est pas.»
Un départ du Marocain «pour un club majeur, oui, on peut l’envisager, et on peut considérer qu’Arsenal en fait partie», a déclaré le président des Girondins. «Mais ce n’est pas parce que c’est Arsenal que c’est garanti. Il faut qu’Arsčne Wenger estime à sa juste valeur un joueur de son talent, ce qui pour l’instant n’est pas le cas. À ce jour, Marouane est bordelais.»

My rough translation is…

The President of Bordeaux is reported to have laughed about the amount but not revealed it, stating that even allowing for the strength of the Euro, it is an inadequate offer. Chamakh may leave the club and Arsenal is a possible destination, Arsenal is a big club and just because they are Arsenal does not guarantee this deal. Arsene Wenger must know the real value of the player, and for the moment he will remain at Bordeaux.

An Arsenalinsider source has let us know that Arsenal Chief Scout has been at a  Europa cup match watching it is believed the Galatasaray hard man Servet Cetin. The 28 yr old central defender is an uncompromising hard man. Who would make a tackle from Gilles Grimandi look tame. He was destined to join Marseille football club, yet the deal has yet to be done.
So, even though I had a rant this morning, my faith in Arsene Wenger has been rewarded… we continue to look for replacements!

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