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Huge change in direction – or is it…..Kolo, Ade and maybe Eboue SOLD
I don’t sense you all crying yourselves to sleep over this. You can’t fool real football fans any longer. They know what they see. We see players at Arsenal that are fat and lazy. I ask myself did Kolo get locked in Kentucky Fried Chicken over the summer of 07. Since then those white shorts look slightly bigger! Money in the bank, a salivating Arsenal audience playing mental fantasy football, desperately trying to read our managers mind.
We are all too geeky! We read, we communicate in multiple forums; we have opinions that we need to express as fans and consumers. Hate that word ‘consumers’ but that’s what we are….we are pound notes and profit per head on which the club speculate and rely on for future stability. You are all thinking it in various degrees. We are mug punters of the game with opinions that vary hugely but you can’t kid us anymore.
Most interesting interview of the summer was Van Persie’s after he signed his contract.
I quote – “Unity will be important this season”
Within 2 hours the Ade to City story broke. Not sure if it’s true that Ade and the African clique are divisive in the dressing room but we all have our suspicions. I try to look at the game and what I see on grass. I see 3 players at odds with their perception to the crowd and at odds with their game. Not one is improving, not one has the mental strength, character, consistency and intelligence required for Arsenal to be a force once more. Details, mentality, sacrifice, decision making and a work ethic based on team-play. That’s what we need.
Strong, fast, imposing but thick. When I compare him to Anelka, Drogba the missing ingredient is intelligence. I heard a rumour he had the chance to go to Chelsea and chose city as he was afraid of the bench and the top level competition in place at Stamford Bridge. For me that is weak and epitomises values I don’t admire. I want to like the players again, not loathe them because I don’t trust their motives.
The Kentucky Fried kid!! I am harsh. I remember seeing him v Rangers play centre back pre season in the invincible era. We had just bought Lehmann and had Sol in his peak. Kolo could be that dashing super quick covering defender surrounded by leaders and experience. He was almost unbeatable. When he was asked to lead others he fell short. He was not comfortable in that role. He peaked; we need him to be a calming leader. That’s not Kolo; he is Kamikaze and all passion.
A talented insecure footballer, who struggled to reach that next level in some ways if he were to go maybe strangely he is the one I would miss the most. I feel he is more naive that lacking in brain power. His versatility is not to be underestimated.  He will be missed I feel.
Some players are scarred by the recent failure to win a trophy. You need to change the feeling in the dressing room. Sometimes the teams DNA needs to change and Kolo, Ade and Eboue represent that losing recent DNA. A rumour of division makes them all expendable and gives us money to re-invest.
Has there ever been a club surrounded by mistrust in relation to what we see and believe. We now have money and the world is watching to see what type of club Arsenal are and what type of club we want to be.
As fans we are split into 3 camps.
1.       The Arsene knows crew – These are the fans who are refreshing newsnow as we speak waiting for those new signings predictions to come true. They are waiting for Inler, Hageland, and Huntelaar etc. We trust Arsene to re-invest every penny in the team.   
2.       The Doom crew – These are the fans that fear a bank foreclosure. The ones that wish we were at Highbury. The ones that want to know where the money is going and how much we actually have. These are the fans that do not understand why our ambitions seem to be about 4th place and think we will finish 6th. These are the fans that are influenced by the speculative press and the constant negativity that surrounds Arsenal.   
3.       I Trust no one crew – These are the middle ground fans. Who sway and are in torture about who, what to believe.   
It’s tough being an Arsenal fan today.
We have not won with a Spine of Toure, Cesc and Ade.
Cesc stays.  Others go. Arsenal needs a new spine. We need a spine that can make those small margins fall our way and allow us to win big games. We need intelligent Arsenal type footballers. Players who make good football decisions. It’s what we have grown accustomed to.
I trust Arsene. He has to be smart but now he must show us where our club’s ambitions lay.  – we have supported you for 4 years and now you have developed a squad and is in process of upgrading the team but you must upgrade.
In 2 weeks time we could have the talent and balance back and I for one will be seeing Paddy Power very soon.
Ever Hopeful…..We are it seems permanently on the precipice of greatness and true competition but it seems our hands are tied. We are trying to be the best Arsenal we can be when in reality we are massively disadvantaged. I sense a management and board that are starting to change/mature/adapt to the changing face of football with Gazidis the catalyst.

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