Arsenal Pull Out Of Campbell Deal


Arsenal have pulled out of the deal and will not sign Joel Campbell. For the time being, Campbell will remain playing his football in Costa Rica.

The 19-year old striker looked certain to leave Deportivo Saprissa and was just moments away from signing for The Gunners.

But in an extraordinary twist revealed by Gunnerblog, the London club have now chosen to pull out of the deal, because neither Campbell or his father turned up to a scheduled meeting last night.

Humberto Campbell, the father of Joel, claimed that he and his son were absent due to the medical tests that were being taken.

In an exclusive interview with La Nacion, Saprissa club President, Juan Carlos Rojas, confirmed the news.

“It’s a disappointment for football, for Saprissa and for me that they have decided not to take up an offer from as serious and first-class people as Arsenal.  I hope it works out for Joel.

I assume his father thinks that things will get better and that’s why he made this decision, but hey, there’s always a risk.  It’s a shame that Costa Rican football could not have a player at Arsenal at this time.”

However, Humberto Campbell seemed to be unmoved by the news.

“If the Arsenal option is closed there is no problem.  When one door closes, many open.”

It seems likely that another club has come in for him with a better offer.

Of course, only time will confirm this, but it appears that Joel and his father have found a more lucrative deal, and ultimately, seem more than content, missing out on the move to Arsenal Football Club.

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  1. Please tell me this isn’t true. I don’t know how good Campbell is, but not turning up to a meeting does not change his quality. I understand it wasn’t professional but i suspect more football agents are anything but, so I just cannot understand this U-turn

  2. John in Norfolk | 19/07/2011 at 12:40 |

    Bigger offer…Simples!

  3. Mate, are you for real? He has the HONOUR of being pursued by a club of Arsenal’s stature and disrespects us by not turning up to a meeting because his dad sees dollar signs from other interested parties? Let them have him as far as I’m concerned. The other clubs interested are Fiorentina, Dinamo Kiev and Sevilla…none of them fit to lick Arsenal’s boots.

  4. His father has just made the biggest mistake of this poor kids life. He could have grown into a great player with the right people around him…

  5. You’ve copied this straight from ‘gunnerblog’ but not referenced it anywhere.

    ….Great writing!

  6. carlos from costa ri | 19/07/2011 at 15:30 |

    well soccer teams like dinamo kiev, fiorentina, juventus, man u, are interesting in campbell.

    joel wants to play for arsenal fc but, his father who does not know anything about futbol an bussines just one more money, poor joel!! joel have to decide what is more important money or be a superstar!! i think his father decide money insted of seem his kid be a soccer star!

  7. [quote name=anon]You’ve copied this straight from ‘gunnerblog’ but not referenced it anywhere.

    ….Great writing![/quote]Funny how line 5 says this then”But in an extraordinary twist revealed by Gunnerblog,” or am I seeing things?

  8. Arsenal is such a rubbish club, they can not even convince a 19 year old Costa Rican to sign for them. The board and manager must leave. Why are they waiting for Barcelona to emerge from their insolvency. Fabregas has stated he wants to leave, his preferred destination is his problem. Arsenal’s probelm is to make as much money as they can and use it to reinvest in the squad. Sell him to the highest bidder, if Fabregas still wants to go to Barca next season, let the other club wrestle with that problem. That is how a competent manager and board behave not this joke about an executive going to South America to sign a 19 year old and coming back empty handed. Silent Stan should either sell the club to the Russian or bring in a new board and manager. His silence is not golden.

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