Arsenal ‘reject new Fabregas offer’

Arsenal have reportedly rejected Barcelona’s latest offer, believed to be in the region of £35 million, for captain Cesc Fabregas.

Barcelona have already failed with a £27m bid for their former academy graduate this summer and were believed to have upped that considerably, although with £5m of the fee coming in add-ons.

Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke was in London on Thursday to attend the club’s Members Day and it is reported he has backed the decision of Arsene Wenger and the club to hold out for £40m for the midfielder.

As such, Arsenal have turned down Barcelona once again, according to Sky Sports News.

Matters will come to a head later in the month as Arsenal are due to play a Champions League play-off. If Fabregas appears then he would be cup-tied should the Gunners qualify.

The Daily Express reports Fabregas will tell Wenger that he does not wish to take part in the European fixture.

However, he will fly out with his colleagues for Saturday’s friendly against Benfica and may take some part in the game in Portugal.

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  1. John in Norfolk | 05/08/2011 at 11:42 |

    Yet according to BBC Sport, Gazidis is meeting with representatives from Barcelona today, in order to thrash out a deal.

  2. Judith Le'Strange | 05/08/2011 at 11:43 |

    Why is Wenger so afraid to let Fabregas return to Barca at the expense of Arsenal. Looking at the Members Day fiasco it was so obvious that Fabregas did not want to be there, so why keep turning down what Barca offer. If we sell him now we can at least try & salvage something for the forthcoming & perhaps enter the transfer market for the players we so obviously need. We will then have the money to buy

  3. @Judith Le’Strange
    Regardless of yesterdays members day
    I think its about paying for someone’s worth.
    You don’t just sell a player based on the amount a club offers. If it does not meet your valuation you do not sell…period.
    Why sell for £30mil when we want 40mil?
    So you think it is good business to accpet 25% less…? come on, think about it.

    • John in Norfolk | 05/08/2011 at 12:04 |

      So Lewis, we should stick out for every penny we can get from Barca but we can give away £20 million by hanging on to Nasri, do you think that’s good business?

      • The nasri thing is a different story.

        If cesc goes nasri will sign a new contract. if cesc stays it’s more than likely nasri will not re-sign and will be sold this summer for 20mil ish.

        So basically its good business (in terms of money) if/when they are sold.
        35-40mil profit for cesc
        7-10mil profit for Nasri

        nasri will not go on a bosman next summer and if you think that will happen then I guess you believe what you read too much.
        using BBC and other media outlets are a waste of time, unfortunately patience is never a part of the transfer window.

        • John in Norfolk | 05/08/2011 at 12:47 |

          They are part of the same story, even you seem to agree with that by saying “if Cesc goes Nasri will sign a new contract”.

          And Lewis, your inside information, regarding Nasri signing if Fabregas goes, comes from where?

          The loss, if Nasri does not re-sign and sits it out to the end of the season, will not be £20 million but, including his wages, more like £25,200,000.

          Keeping a want-away player who will be less than fully committed and losing £25 million is not good business nor is it good for the future success of the club.

          • firstly you implied my comments about fabregas were the same for nasri, fabregas has a long contract and doesn’t need to be sold.

            Nasri is in a different situation, I dont believe nasri will go for free next summer so either way the business on nasri will be good, either sold now or sign a new contract.
            I was only originally making a comment on fabregas.

            its not inside information but if fabregas leaves, nasri can move into his favoured position where he plays for france, be more satisfied and sign a new contract, I don’t think he has gone from happy through the wholse season to unhappy over the 6weeks of the summer. I think that is one of the major things, he is less happy playing in a position he hasn’t really played pre arsenal.

            And there is no proof he is a want-a-way player, its all media hype. he has said two or three things on twitter saying don’t belive what’s being written, the fans will be the first to know what’s going on. why do we choose not to believe him and belive someone who wants to get hits on a website?

            The same went for Rooney last year when all the papers were saying he was leaving…never materialised. he was just questioning utd etc.

            I would say after the flamini issue we wont let someone leave on a free like that again. Flamini was never a starter in midfield for us and went into the last year of his contract attempting to prover himself, then got too big for his boots and went to Milan to play RB most of the time.

            With Nasri he is already one of our best players so I can’t see this happening (leaving on a free). Wenger being the person he is wouldn’t allow it.

            Seriously, do yuo think arsenal will let him leave on a free transfer?

  4. Personally I don’t want any players there who don’t want to be there. I understand trying to get a fair price from Barca and not have them take the p*ss out of us. But all this has gone on for too long.
    Nasri should go as well. Bank all the money and buy some bloody players! Of course all this should have been done weeks ago.

  5. Sorry John but your seem to have a case of fuzzy logic – bemoaning the obvious loss of income Nasri’s sale would bring in in one post but admitting the possibility he might not sign a contract in another. Surely the club won’t be giving away £20m if Nasri simply won’t sign. If that were the case the club cannot do anything else but play him in the forthcoming season.

  6. John in Norfolk, My point, and let me be clear first that I’m not a fan of Nasri continuing at Arsenal at all now, is how do you sell a player if he won’t sign for anyone else? If he doesn’t extend with us but won’t sign with anyone else, knowing he can get a huge signing on fee and massive wages next year (which is what I suspect will now happen), what exactly can the club do about that?

  7. Just take the bloody 35million so we can kick on with picking out the players we need for the coming season,and by the way barcas actions in my opinion have been nothing short a disgrace.

  8. Do any u guys think u like Arsenal’s job more than Asene Wenger? The board is not interested in winning trophies for now,that’s why our manager’s job is safe,so whether Nasri or Fabrigas leaves or not,they i.e d board already have or has an excuse,so cheer up guys & stop d fus!

  9. CESC, u r 100% truly shithead, fuckface and asshole!! so yo man, i got 2 words for ya – SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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