Arsenal to be cautious with signings

Here we are in the January transfer window, and we are all excited over the new stars that will be coming to the Emirates.

There is talk of this one, and talk of that one. Yet behind all the hype in the press you have Wenger telling us what I am afraid is going to be a very big disappointment for us all, and that is they do not want to spend any money with this financial crisis going to only get worse. This is what Arsene Wenger had to say about the January transfer window.

[I am expecting a] quiet [market]. Europe is depressed and there is not a lot of money available, only some clubs who have exceptional resources. Let’s say that clubs who are not linked with the economic environment at the moment can buy
Of course we all know he is talking about Manchester City, and Paris St. Germain.
So there you have it, does that sound like someone who wants to go out and spend recklessly? Especially if you look at a few of the past signing’s. The Gunners boss might want to unload some first before bringing on any new cargo.
My favorite quote this week was on Twitter during the Leeds United game. Piers Morgan tweeted.. Nice tribute by Chamakh today – playing like Thierry’s statue. #Arsenal
He is on my list to throw overboard along with Andrei Arshavin I had high hopes for the little Russian when we first signed him but now all the shock, and awe has vanished.
I know there is talk about him leaving this month, and that Zenit St. Petersburg have reportedly offered $10 million for the playmaker.
Unless it is to use the money to buy a player like Lukas Podolski from Cologne,  I might just be tempted to keep him till after the Euro’s where I have a sneaky feeling he is going to be one of the stars of the tournament.
Arshavin has been under a lot of pressure from the critics back home who say he does not want to play for Russia, and that his heart is just not in it. I think the Russian captain would love to prove them all wrong.
Speaking of the Euro’s I think they along with the Olympics in London will be on the minds of many of the international players who do not want to jeopardize their chances of getting into the national team, and might think that a change of clubs right now is not such a good idea.
With all of this talk about austerity, and the possible collapse of the euro, and a war with Iran over their desire to build a Nuclear Bomb , the only team I think you will see throwing money around is Paris St. Germain.  Ancelotti will want to put his mark on the French club, and I would not be surprised to see some of his old Chelsea players joining him in Paris.
As for Arsenal I think we can forget about Podolski, and Eden Hazard joining us, and also dismiss the thought about any big money being spent.
In the managements defense, and on a personal level everyone I know is cutting back on expenses, with worries about companies downsizing , and fears of what lies ahead, none of us are going out and buying new cars, or holiday homes abroad, so why should we expect our football club to do otherwise.
What we are doing is making do with what we have. I actually think that Arsenal are being smart, and agree with Wenger when he said.
“I am convinced that Europe will go into a huge financial crisis within the next three weeks, or three months, and maybe that will put everything into perspective again,” he said yesterday. “Football is not untouchable. We live by people going to the stadiums and from [sponsors] advertising to people who buy products. All our income could be a little bit under threat in the next few months.”
We do however need some support in a few areas, and I would imagine that Arsene Wenger’s main thought right now is to make sure we are playing in the Champions League next season.
To this end I would buy Eric Abidal from Barcelona to bolster our defense, He has done a superb job at Barca this year filling in for the Spanish internationals Puyol, and Pique, who have been out through injuries, and can play in any defensive position.
His experience alone speaks for itself with 60 caps for France, including two World Cup campaigns, and at 32-years-old he still has a few good years of football left.
The other  player that comes to mind is Lyon’s Aly Cisskho another left-back he is younger than Abidal at only 24-years-old, and should we not be able to sign Abaidal could be a good second choice.
We could also talk to Henry, and the Red Bulls about keeping Thierry until the start of the MLS season in March, like AC Milan did with David Beckham, and the LA Galaxy.
I know this is not the news you Gooners want to read, but to rush into the market now would be foolish. Lets ensure we have at least a top four finish, and then let Arsene Wenger see what is available come the summer.

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