At least Theo Walcott circus will be over by Aug. 31

Theo Walcott scores against Udinese

It’s almost not worth writing articles during the transfer window these days since you don’t know who to believe unless you actually talk to the players themselves. And even some of them don’t have clue what’s going on. Looking over the headlines regarding Theo Walcott and his contract negotiations with Arsenal you’ll see there are about two dozen different scenarios offered by various writers and newspapers. Of course, these headlines change every two minutes and the majority of them are nothing but hogwash.

After sifting through several stories, it appears that Walcott is happy at Arsenal and in London, but isn’t about to commit himself to a five-year contract extension just yet. Apparently the 23-year-old has been offered £75,000 a week to stay with the Gunners, but would rather be taking home a paycheque worth £100,000 each week as well as bonuses for any trophies won.

Walcott’s in the last year of his contract now and it’s set to run out next June. Of course, if Arsene Wenger ultimately decides he wants to get rid of him then his last chance will come during the January transfer window. Walcott and Wenger have talked about a new deal, but there’s still quite a bit of work to do before he signs on the dotted line.

Liverpool and Man City realize that Walcott’s days at the Emirates may be numbered and both teams may put in a bid for the young English international. It’s also been mentioned that City might throw Edin Dzeko into a deal. Also, some reports have said that Wenger told Walcott he could play as a central striker if that’s what he prefers. What that will do to the shape of the team and Olivier Giroud’s position, who knows.

Wenger needs to get a firm answer from Walcott if he intends to stay or not. They can’t afford to lose somebody of his value for nothing. If he doesn’t plan on re-signing with the club then Wenger needs to get the best deal he can for him. It’s possible that Walcott could leave the Gunners and the country altogether as it’s believed that Italian champions Juventus are also interested in him.

At today’s prices, it’s thought that Wenger should be asking for at least £15 million for Walcott, especially when you consider how much Spurs’ Luka Modric went for and that they recently coughed up £15 million to Fulham for Belgium’s Dembele. If Walcott’s happy at the Emirates though and Wenger wants to keep him, which it sounds like he does, then they should come to some sort of agreement down the middle of perhaps £90,000 a week.

If Walcott does leave, he’s still young enough to develop into an excellent football player. If he ever puts it all together, he could be a star for years to come, especially considering the speed he possesses. I’d like to see him stay with the Gunners, but if he leaves my opinion of him won’t change. I think he has all of the skills needed to be an above average player for club and country. After going through the Robin Van Persie soap opera for what seemed like an eternity, Gunners fans should be thankful that the Walcott situation will be decided by Aug. 31.

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