Rumours at the weekend that were rife suggesting that Kolo Toure was being sold appear to have gained some credibility this afternoon after sources confirm that he was seen clearing his locker and saying goodbye to acquaintances. If this is really true, and all transfer rumours carry a health warning until officially confirmed by the club, then this would end a six and a half year love affair that saw him transformed from a “Crazy Dog” midfielder to one of the best centre backs that I have seen play for the Arsenal. I recall seeing him in the early days at Highbury and what struck me was his passion for playing for the club. Kolo was a player that gave his all for the badge. He was never slow to support his colleagues and up until his summer bout of Malaria, he was a mainstay in our back four.
There were many occasions when Kolo saved our bacon. I can remember the highs and the lows, one low his own goal against Aston Villa in the season that we blew an eight point lead to fail retaining the Premiership in 2003 was followed by a high the very next season as he was voted the Premiership’s most improved player. I was saddened by his recent dip in form following his illness, but Kolo Toure will be always dear to our hearts. Whether it be Manchester City or France, if these rumours are true where ever he next chooses to play his football. He can always be guaranteed a warm welcome back here at the Emirates.
Kolo Toure, a real Arsenal Legend, we salute you!
Fabregas the King