Is this summer’s transfer window going to be the most significant ever?

Morning Insiders, another weekend is upon us, another Saturday when I have to find something to do without football in my life… Want to thank Dan Jackson who sent this blog accross about summer transfers.
While it was Ronaldo in all the transfer headlines last year, this year every football fanatic’s favourite two syllables seem to be ‘Ka-ka’. After resisting Man City’s offer of a trillion or so quid a week back in January it looks like the twenty seven year old Brazilian star is going to be saying farwell to Italian life anyway as Real Madrid aim to swap his pizza for tappas. However, this isn’t just significant for AC Milan or Real Madrid but rather all of football’s elite clubs as a storm of terrential spending looks set to conquer football this summer.
Sometimes I wonder if Abramovich actually knows just how much his wallet has influenced football today. Chelsea’s lack of a Champions League trophy would possibly suggest to him that he still hasn’t had quite enough of an impact yet but the truth is that that fact is actually quite irrelevant now. The real issue that Abramovich has presented is the fact that now most of the competition in football happens before a football is even kicked. Spending money during the transfer window is pretty vital now and this summer looks set to be the most busy spending spree in football ever with maybe even Mr Wenger prepared to write a few cheques.
Valencia look most likely to be raked this summer with stars such as Villa and Silva ready to move on due to the club’s financial downfall while the likes of players such as Ribery and Ronaldo will have to be prized away for considerable sums. And with Man City’s new rich daddies assisting the club in entering the fray, it is surely inevitable that there will be fireworks in the transfer market in the coming months. But simply put, is all this a good thing or a bad thing?
I personally would love to see Ribery and David Villa in the Premiership but not when they play against Arsenal and I think it’s safe to say they won’t be playing for Arsenal. I would also be happy to see the end of Ronaldo (not that sort of end, unless I was wearing sturdy hiking boots), believe it or not I think he’s had his Premiership peak. Ronaldo at United also seems to be denting Rooney’s career, not that I’m too fussed about that but it would be nice to see Rooney live up to his hype at least when he plays for England.
Anyway, I digress. A summer of blockbuster transfers will certainly be exciting but I just hope it doesn’t ruin the level of competition on the pitch next season. Seeing Everton reach the FA cup final over Manchester United was a great moment for any neutral (not to mention how exciting it must have been for Evertonians) but in years to come that may well almost become an impossibility. As for my beloved gunners, (unbeatable just five years ago) without some real fire power in the transfer window even they could be way off the mark soon.

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