Well at last Arsenal Football Club have just released the news on its official website that Andrey Arshavin has signed for our club, also subject to the granting of a work permit. You can confirm this here. This transfer has been one of the most protracted deals based upon media misinformation and the other side (Zenit) making mischief by speaking with many voices. I can only suppose that Zenit felt upset that they had to reduce their valuation of the player, but as I reported in my blog on January 23rd, the withdrawal of Manchester City’s interest the day before from the deal was pivotal to Zenit having an auction of only one. Had Man City not done so, then I doubt if we would have sealed this deal.
Zenit then realised that this development combined with the desire of the player to come to The Arsenal, or threatening to strike or pursue a webster,  could have left the club with a lot less.  I really hope that you like the title image designed by one of our Russian Insiders Mr Gourkov. it sums up what we have gone through these last ten days. Gooners have been on a roller coaster of emotions, including the suggestions by SkySports News earlier yesterday that Arshavin was leaving for a London Airport, this whilst our sources revealed as being within the Arsenal Supporters Trust, (of which I am a life member, were indicating a rather different story). The moral of this tale is to wait until it is finally confirmed on, but where have you heard that before?…lol.
Many blogs elsewhere have been fed mainly from the mischief makers on the Zenit and agents side, even when I had announced that he would definitely sign at  midday yesterday others sources (including Sky) an hour later then announced to the world that the deal was off. I really think that in future, people need to chill and wait for official news or good sources. It is also necessary to understand clearly why Arsenal have a no comment policy. This is not about trying to exert power over fans, but if we have learnt anything from the Nasri and Arshavin transfers, when greedy agents or clubs are involved, the deals will never go smoothly.
There is a need for transfer window reform, because most agents play brinkmanship with their clients. if the window was just one week, we would still have the clamour at the eleventh hour, but the agony that fans go through would be reduced. Arsenal do have cash constraints, but as time goes on, we will realise that this is a small price to pay for remaining independent. Cast your eyes down the Seven Sisters Road towards the scum, or further south to the blue shirted team in Fulham, lots of money but no class. Do you really want to follow those fools?
So let’s enjoy this moment and lets hope that he brings new hope because with the expectation upon his shoulders now, we need to be patient and allow him to settle. the cancellation of the fixture tomorrow has in fact done us a favour as the return of the Champions League and the staggering of Fifth round fixtures in the FA Cup will give Arshavin more time to settle. He is contracted until 2012 and his squad number is 23, but I would not be surprised if he was wearing the favoured 10 shirt after the summer. So with the good news that Theo Walcott will be back in four weeks along with Eduardo in two weeks, we have had a great transfer window no? (only joking…lol)
Throughout this frenzied process I have tried to settle nerves, especially when the inaccurate Sky Sports reports earlier  caused mass panic earlier on in the day. But this was due to last minute games by Zenit trying to get maximum compensation from the player. It almost gave you all heart attacks! Arsene Wenger confirmed what I had said before, that Zenit Radio, Zenit assistant Director, and the MD of Zenit were all briefing multiple stories to multiple sites to get their extra 2.5million Euros. A correspondent on Setanta this morning even revealed that according to his Russian sources, Zenit had always intended to make this transfer as difficult as possible by refusing to agree it until the last possible moment, so bad had the relations become between club and player.  The delay in ratification by the Premier league was I suspect part of the Zenit process in perhaps trying to suggest that the compensation agreement had not been settled. Either way now, Zenit cannot interfere and I hope their £15 + £1.5compensation million chokes them!
Thanks again to those of you who trusted me at Arsenalinsider.  Enjoy this and oh a small plug, why not consider joining the Arsenal Supporters Trust  here? Together we can all help keep Arsenal Football Club independent.
Welcome Andrey Arshavin!
C’mon you Gunners!!!
Fabregas the King

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