Only A Few Days Left To For Wenger To Buy Some Players!

Everyday day I switch the computer on to Newsnow and check the newspaper sports news on the BBC website in the desperate hope that I will see that someone is coming to the Arsenal – just like thousands of other fans! Here we are now – 2 premiership games and 1 champions league game and we have already lost Gallas for at least 6 weeks and RoSICKY is also out injured as well! I wish Rosicky had a twin brother with the same footballing talent – then we could alternate them to make up the fact that he seems to miss half the games every season with injury. As soon as I saw that Djourou had been loaned to Birmingham, I somehow knew that would guarantee one of our 3 centre backs who were left would be injured early into the season. If Toure or Sendoros get injured in the next few matches I suppose Gilberto or Hoyte will be drafted in and that is not good enough for a club with so-called ambition.
We still have not got that left side wide man to balance up that side of our team yet and I am crossing fingers that RVP does not get injured playing for Holland against Switzerland tonight (or Senderos himself does not dislocate his shoulder again) to make matters worse. Adebayor is apparently fit to play on Saturday so hopefully he will take the weight off RVP from Manchester City’s tough tackling centre backs Richards and Dunne. Bendtner looks to be the best hope for back -up to RVP and Adebayor as Eduardo will take some time I think to get used to the pace and intensity of the Premiership (Henri himself did not look very good in the first few matches he played for us).
Walcott is still something of an enigma – will he live up to that tag of being the next Henri or the next Wiltord (i.e. not really making an impact on the team overall). I still would like to see Anelka signed for a season or two – he is used to the Premiership and can score goals in this league – and he is not going to block the path of any youngsters coming through in the next season. He also has champions league experience which would be very useful if there are injuries to RVP/Adebayor in the later stages. Not buying another top goalkeeper to replace Lehmann (Fabianski seems to be unproven at the moment) is another mistake as has already been shown by Lehmann’s blunders in the first 2 Premiership matches.
I thought we would have learned our lesson with keeping Seaman on for 2 seasons when he was obviously way past his best! Have now seen today’s announcement that Wenger will probably not bring in a Director of Football to the club and will continue to use that old yes man – Ken Friar instead – a clear statement I am afraid that there will be no more transfers before the deadline! When I have looked at the size of the squads of most of the other Premiership clubs – I am staggered that Wenger feels our squad is big enough to cope with all the matches (disregarding the players involved in the various international matches being played through 2007/8) that we face this season.
We last won a trophy in the 2004/5 season and I cannot see that record being changed at the end of this season whatever the optimists think. We have saved a fortune on Henri’s and Ljungberg’s wages and have money to spare from what we have received in transfer fees and what we have paid out – so why have we not brought in even a couple of free – transfer players like Liverpool and Chelsea have to enlarge our very thin squad! All Wenger seems to do in the transfer market most of the time is to buy young players for the future. Other Premiership clubs are also doing this now but they are also making sure that their present squads are adequate to handle suspensions and injuries. I still feel that nothing will change in the attitude of our club until there are major changes to the board and the shares are bought up by more dynamic characters than we have now – David Dein may have had his faults but at least he realised that Arsenal will have to change their ways if we are to really compete for top honours again!

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