Personal terms hold up final completion of Andrei Arshavin transfer - factfile and photofit here.

The deal agreed between Arsenal and Zenit has now finally been announced by Zenit St Petersburg on it’s website and in due course, as I revealed on Friday, it was subject to personal terms, which contrary to some misinformed sources had not been agreed.  Put as best as I can, from the russian translation, Zenit have suggested a way out of the impasse which would see 2.5 million Euros extra above the £15 million agreed going back to the club, a final total of £17 million. Zenit argue that this should be payable over the length of the four year contract with Arsenal. Zenit despite having accepted the transfer of the player in principle rejected the earlier final offer of £15 million from Arsenal claiming compensation for the premature termination of their current contract equal to the wages that have been paid to Arshavin. This is due to an arrangement was apparently brokered by Zenit in 2006 when Arshavin agreed a new contract it appears. It suggests that he was paid money up front and in advance for his wages?  The more cynical among us would argue that this is one way that Zenit can save face for having reduced the transfer fee from £20 million to £15 million. The deal is expected to be accepted by Arsenal Football Club.

It therefore seems likely that ONCE this hurdle can be removed then Arsenal Football Club will be soon be able to formally sign the player. But this will not be easy as I have repeatedly pointed out in earlier blogs, Arshavin commands a wage of between £60,000 – £100,000, the upper figure would possibly breach Arsene Wenger’s wage structure. The information that I published on Friday indicated to the contrary that Arshavin was willing to accept a wage cut to allow the deal to happen. Why the paradox? well I am of the view that Zenit were taken aback by this and are using this as an excuse to extract more money from the deal, hence these final delays to formal completion. I remain confident that Arshavin will agree terms suitable to both parties, as there are rumors in the russian media that he has threatened to go on strike. I reported earlier yesterday that Arshavin did not play in the fixture between Zenit FC and the Uzbekistan National team at their training camp in Dubai on Saturday, hence confirming the deal brokered in principle on Friday.  When Arshavin finally is released by Zenit he will still require a medical, so once the work permits and the necessary paperwork has been sorted out, Arsenal Football Club will then, AND ONLY THEN announce the signing. This deal should go through because Zenit will lose out on the transfer fee once Arshavin reaches the age of 28 on the 29th of May 2009. Thus triggering a Webster buy out clause and saving the receiving club a hefty transfer fee. This is why Zenit has not “rejected the transfer outright” major food for thought for the directors of Zenit! Equally if Arshavin became a “free agent” in May, he would almost certainly NOT come to the Arsenal. I repeat, only when it is finally announced on the official website of Arsenal Football Club can we be finally be certain that Arshavin will play in Red and White in the coming days. The statement translated to the best of my ability below reads…

Negotiations on the transfer Arshavina continuing 
Negotiations between FC «Zenit» and London «Arsenal» on the transfer of Andrei Arshavin are continuing. Both the clubs have reached agreement in principle to transfer the player on terms agreed by both sides with reference to the actual market value of a football player.
At the moment, the main obstacle in the implementation of the deal are the personal terms of Andrei Arshavin. The player and his agent have asked the London club to be paid an amount but «Arsenal» is not ready to pay the football player this value and currently «Arsenal» will only agree to comply with the transfer of the player only by reducing his transfer value.
In turn, Andrei Arshavin does not intend to go to reduce the demands on his personal contract, and has thus hindered the negotiation process, calling into question all the agreements reached between the clubs.
FC «Zenit» waives its willingness to sell the player, and continues to negotiate, offering another way out of this situation. One possible option for reducing the transfer price is that Arshavin could be paid a compensation for the player over a 4-year contract. As in 2006, when signing a contract with FC «Zenit» at the request of the player he was paid one-subscription payment for long-term rate of 5 million euros, in the early termination of the contract Andrei Arshavin can return to the club half the amount (2.5 million euros) and it will be credited to the player’s transfer value.

I have reproduced a player profile that I published in June of last year, I have updated it is reproduced here to refresh your memories. Andrei is a gifted striker who can score with both feet. He seems to be more comfortable in a left wing position but can place in the hole behind a single striker and as the video shows, he can score devastating long range thunder bolts and short range deft chips. his close ball control is excellent and his weighting of a pass is excellent. It will be interesting to hear which squad number he will take as he currently wears the number 10 shirt. My guess is that which ever number is chosen, there will be a change in the summer  if the expected exodus of some players occurs. So who knows, the number 10 shirt may yet be graced by a player worthy of it’s most celebrated former owner Dennis Bergkamp. He has been subject to bids for transfer to Barcelona (€15m) and Tottenham (£16m) during the summer last year, and despite having professed his love for Barcelona during the Euros, Arshavin will seek to deliver for his new club, and just could make the difference to our season in the final run in.
Age 27yrs, Born Leningrad on May 29th 1981. Height 1.72m Weight 69 Kg
He started playing football aged 7 and went to the football academy in Smena where he graduated under the watchful eyes of coach S. Gordeev.
He showed much talent and flair from an early age having  started playing football at the age of 7. He soon graduated from the Smena football school. He started in the Zenit Reserve side as a right midfielder in 1999.  club in 1999. He rapidly proved himself to be a competent player and was promoted to the senior side.
He made his official debut in the InterToTo cup playing against Bradford in 2000  He has won many honours whilst with Zenit and he established a partnership with Aleksandr Kerzhakov, the strike pair became well known and feared in the R ussian League.
He went on to help Zenit win the domestic championship in 2001 and 2003.
He was voted the second best Russian footballer in 2001, 2002 and 2004 finally acquiring the number 1 spot in 2005 he has retained that award and added to it the Russian National squad leader award in 2006.
He was declared Football Champion of Russia in 2007.
He became the Super Cup of Russia holder 2008, UEFA Cup 2007/2008 holder, & UEFA Super Cup holder
He was nominated for the Balloon d’Or in 2008.
For Zenit St Peterburg he has made 310 appearances scoring 71 goals, of these 45 appearances were with the Reserve team squad. he has scored 48 goals in the Russian premier division. Not known as a feisty character, he is not afraid to give as good physically as he gets, having received 4 red cards and 76 yellows averaging 6 yellow cards per league season. When he scores, he has a trademark scoring celebration of putting his finger to his lips asking for reverent calm. He also enjoys laying on goals for others having averaged 11 assists per season over the last five years.
In European competition he has scored 15 goals in UEFA Cup matches and none in the  6 appearances in the Champions League. He is currently cup tied for the 2008/9 Champions League.
International Career
He made his debut against Hleb’s Belarus in 2002
He has since been capped 41 times, scoring 15 goals.
He is also a scholar, and graduated with a Diploma in Fashion design having completed a Thesis entitled “Development of the Sportswear production process”.
Andrei is married and has one son called Artem.
A nine minute Video can be viewed here
Our nearly new signing could soon look like this image below….lol

My Revenge On Ben Foster

My Song for Arshavin!
Arshavin, we will sing his name,
He’ll score the goals to win the game
Yes he can shoot with both feet don’t you know
He ‘s quicker than the speed of light

Arshavin is a real delight…
So Gooners let me hear you sing Arshaa-vin!
Oh Arshavin Oh Arshavin
Oh Arshavin
Oh Arshaaaaaa-vin

Sung to the Leonard Cohen composition  for ever immortalised by Rayne Wooney of Yanited  here >>>> “Hallelujah”
Comments as always invited…
Fabregas the King.
***BREAKING NEWS**** 30/1/2009
Sky Sports announce at 12:17 that Arshavin has been granted a work permit
and on Arsenal TV online Wenger is said that if ARshavin signs it must be done before 3pm tomorrow!

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