Transfer speculation is bad for your health

Arsene has no further interest in signing Chamakh  is the L’Equipe headline this morning. So what exactly is going on? This is brinkmanship. Laurent Blanc wants 12 million Euros and Arsenal will not budge from 7 million for a player that will be able to move as a free agent in five months anyway. Bordeaux are hoping to convince Arsene Wenger into making a new offer of 9 million Euros as suggested by a false rumour on Monday. The player
himself wants to come to Arsenal, and is very frustrated by his club’s stance. Bordeaux are now playing the game of letting it be known that West Ham and Fulham are very keen to sign the Moroccan, despite the fact that he will unavailable for the six weeks of the African Cup of Nations in January/February next year. Queue beating of chests and cries of anguish from disillusioned Gooners stage right.
Poor Bordeaux, do they believe that Arsene Wenger was born yesterday? Is the player desperate to play in the Premier League for teams not in the Champions League? I think not. I can see a player strike coming on, similar to that made by Essien at Lyon prior to joining Chelsea. Hot blooded these francophones. The pantomime will play itself out and I suggest that Gooners ignore these headlines. There is a deal to be done, Arsenal want Chamakh, Chamakh wants Arsenal. The player himself is said to be very angry about his club’s behaviour. I applaud the Arsenal stance. Players must want to come here too. Like Brede Hangerland who hopefully will be subject of a bid from the club in due course. The transfer window is one huge game of poker, and the players have another 19 or so days before discarding their hands. However the anxious onlooking contingent of Arsenal fans are developing rather volatile high blood pressure with all the uncertainty.
One of mates confessed to having sleepless nights, and one day being proud of Arsene Wenger, and the next wanting to throttle him. Whilst a little extreme I can confess that I also don’t like the reverse psychology being played by Arsene, one day he is going to sign one or two players, the next, he announces that he has a squad big enough to prevent him having to buy. Confused? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Media statements in this transfer window are often taken out of context, often exaggerated and rarely factual. Which is why instead of getting our knickers in a twist, we ought to take a trappist vow of silence and wait until any news is officially announced on Arsecom. Logical I hear you say? But given the choice between 19 days of high anxiety or 19 days of watching paint dry, what would you prefer to do? We have become a club of adrenaline junkies, so lets be honest, transfer speculation is bad for your health!

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