Will Arsenal Manage to Secure Kieran Tierney?

With the summer transfer window well underway, many people are watching this news with sharp eyes to find out who might be coming to the Gunners for the new season. One name which has been tossed around a lot in negotiations is that of Kieran Tierney. Who is this player and will Arsenal manage to get him on the team? Let’s take a look.
Who is Kieran Tierney?
Tierney was born on the Isle of Man and moved to Lanarkshire with his family when he was less than a year old. He started playing with the Glaswegian side Celtic when he was 7 years old and has been working his way from the youth teams to the senior squad ever since.
He is a strong defender and has helped Celtic secure many victories over the years, as well as playing on an international level for the Scotland team. Due to his strength on the field, he has attracted attention from several big-name clubs in the past few years; ultimately leading to a bid from Arsenal. If the Gunners do manage to secure him for their team, he will be a valuable addition to the squad.
Arsenal’s Bids
As can be expected from such a talented player, this transfer window opened up plenty of opportunities for teams to try to get Tierney on their squads. Arsenal launched two bids to try to get the Scottish player but both have been knocked back.
The first was an offer of £15 million. Following this bid’s rejection, they offered a more substantial £25 million with views to pay it in instalments based upon the player’s appearance in matches. However, this too was rejected.
There have also been rumours floating about that Arsenal has secretly made a third bid with an offer to pay more of the £25 million upfront but, if it was true, it has also been dismissed.
Why Have the Rejections Happened?
Arsenal has so far failed to secure the bid simply because they are offering less than what Celtic and its manager Neil Lennon think Tierney is worth. Lennon has been quoted saying that this has been the case with several of his players this transfer season; Celtic are simply not receiving the bids which they think reflect the worth of their players.
What Happens Now?
There are several options left for Arsenal. If they are determined to pursue Tierney, they are going to have to come up with a deal more in line with what Lennon thinks his player is worth. Otherwise, they are going to have to look elsewhere for a player of Tierney’s talents who fits the bids they wish to make.
The end of the transfer window is coming into sight. Come the first match of the 19/20 season, will Tierney step out in a Celtic strip or an Arsenal one? Only time will tell.

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