Will Arsenal stars fancy a Chinese Takeaway?


With contract talks between Arsenal and their two star players Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez continuing to be contracted these are potentially unsettling times for not just the Arsenal hierarchy but fans of the club also. The longer the talks continue the more uncertainity there is and the more that potential suitors will monitor the situation with interest, there is a long list of clubs that would love to the acquire the services of both Ozil and Sanchez and it’s not just clubs based in Europe.

That’s because club owners and managers in the Chinese Super League will be looking to pull off one of if not the most unlikely transfer coups you will ever see by landing one of The Gunners sources of firepower.

With both Ozil and Sanchez asking for a wage that would shatter Arsenal’s pay structure there is naturally apprehension for the club to bow to their wage demands, add to the mix the fact that no one knows if Arsene Wenger is staying on past this season and we almost have the perfect storm when it comes to a potential transfer coup.

Arsenal’s star duo are reportedly asking for a wage in the region of £250k a week which for a Chinese club is the equivalent of finding some loose change behind the back of the sofa. A figure that they would have absoutley no qualms in paying if meant landed their services.

The question though is how much would these two consider a move to the Far East and if they did make what would be a shocking move would then they have to wear the tag of a footballing mercenary for the rest of their careers.

Of course whatever walk of life you are lucky enough to work in, if a new prospective employer offered you a salary which previously you only deemed fantasy then you would be stupid not to take up the offer.

But I guess with football it’s just that little bit different. The question you have to ask yourself is as a player do you want to challenge for the titles (whether that can actually happen at Arsenal is another article all in itself) or do you want to chase the money.

Perhaps chase the money for one last pay day but if you are at what is considered the peak of your career and you decide to leave for what is still very much emerging league then it’s quite obvious that money is your main focus.

A difficult decision for both Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil to make, they may very well stay at The Emirates but the rise of the Chinese Super League has only hepled them and given them a massive bargaining tool as negotiations continue.