Zenit try to squeeze one more million from Gunners

With the headlines hogged by Cook’s comments that Milan has “bottled” the atrocious £108 million deal to take Kaka to City, it seemed like Zenit had “bottled” it too when Arsenal’s renewed bid was rejected again. Arshavin’s agent is quoted as saying Zenit is acting barbaric with demands of £20 million transfer fee and he further backed Arsenal’s bid (£12 million with potential add ons) as a reasonable valuation; Zenit, on the other hand claimed that if Arsenal failed to up the bid to £15 million that would have prompted them to conclude the deal.  Arsenal today upped the bid to £15 million as a final offer, then according to the propaganda mouthpiece Radio service of the club announced that Zenit had rejected the deal. Many would have hoped for the transfer to go through, as much as our ex-gunner Hleb. But his comments have inevitably invited scorn from all over the world. Thank god, Flamini has kept his mouth shut on this.
But if the final offer of Arsenal had really been rejected why are talks still ongoing? There are now reports that Zenit that following their board meeting, have indicated that they will settle for lower £16million.  If so many gooners will be pleading for Gazidis to pay that extra million of pounds to close the deal. FTK had earlier reported yesterday that the final deal had been accepted in principle and that Zenit were trying to save face by upping the extras. So what is the truth? No  doubt the answer will be revealed in the next few days. If it were not for Man City’s saga of Kaka, our transfer story of Arshavin would no doubt have been the soap opera unfolding before the eyes of many. Despite Arshavin’s desperate attempts to quit the club, Zenit is obviously trying to squeeze every penny from the buying club. Many die-hard gooners have questioned Arshavin’s loyalty should he eventually arrive in the Emirates, but a closer look at the current antics of his club, his actions deserved our sympathy. Amid the previous reports that Man City might be entering the fray following their failure to capture Kaka, Arshavin has reiterated his desire to play for Arsenal instead:
“I see Arsenal as my team of the future. I think joining them would be a very good option for me. The club, the coach, and the Premier League, they all fit my criteria to test myself at the highest level.” – Arshavin
So whilst we wait to see if his arrival is imminent or still in dead waters, I would like to analyze the impacts that he might bring to our club, and why is he the “World-Class” player that Arsene is willing to acquire despite being cup-tied for Champions League.

Attacking is the best form of defense? 

Despite the continue pleas that “success comes from a solid back-four”, but Arsene seems to believe more in “attacking as the best form of defense”. More so that Arsene identifies Arshavin (an offensive player) as the missing link in the 1st half of Arsenal’s season, rather than a defensive midfield enforcer that can protect the back four.
With Arshavin, we will boast a midfield offensive unit with Nasri, Ramsey, Wilshere, Vela, Van Persie and Ade (for now!). Just imagine when we have our reinforcements coming back from injuries; our arsenal will further include Walcott, Eduardo, Rosicky and Fabregas. That is a dream offensive line-up that not even Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea can match. With this monstrous attacking unit, Premier League is certainly ours to dominate for years to come.
As an able replacement and educator?

With Fabregas and Walcott out injured, our attacking department is short on ideas and creativity. With Arshavin, he will drive the midfield forward and add another attacking dimension to our midfield. In addition, his high profile will draw defenders and leave space for his fellow teammates to exploit, in particular Fabregas when he returns from injury. His impact on the field will be astronomical.
Much has been discussed about his vision that is added to his attacking instinct, but he will provide a great role model and experience, reminiscent of Bergkamp, for uprising prodigies in Ramsey, Walcott and Wilshere in particular.
At the Euros, he has turned an average Russian team into a contender; I bet he can turn Arsenal from a great team into another “Invincible” team. His world-class qualities are bound to add the much-needed guile and silk to our current squad. More so at this period of time, where some experience and leadership is needed in this young squad.
Hinder the progress of youth talents?
Having a Galactico team line up might be a double edge sword, with emerging talents in Vela, Ramsey and Wilshere; the signing of Arshavin will no doubt push them further down the pecking order and might hinder their 1st team opportunities. After all, we are already having 5 players (Nasri, Walcott, Eboue, Fabregas, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky) vying for the 3 attacking midfielders berth.
Moreover, with that stunning strike in the reserve game of the 2-2 draw with Stoke City, Wilshere is fast knocking on the 1st team door, with Eduardo close to a return. Perhaps, that is the reason why Arsenal is holding back on the extra millions to get the man.

My Revenge On Ben Foster

Lack of Premier League Experience 

Another question mark hangs over his lack of Premier League experience. During the Euros, Arsene has his reservations over his physique to succeed in the physical demands of the Premier League.  But it seems that the Zenit’s spirited performance in the Champions League seems to have erased any doubts about his physical handicap. Enough said about this fella, we fans are being given a roller coaster ride since the opening of the Jan transfer window. No doubt that the rumours of City’s intended hijacking the deal must have sent trembles to the hearts of many die-hard gooners, lets pray to god that Arshavin will do a “Kaka” and follow his heart to the Emirates.
Arsenal Rules~!

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