Ask City - Let the post-Gallas era begin!

PGL: Good morning Insiders. This time last week we were looking forward to the Villa game and delighted that Gallas was looking like a leader at last. Seven days is a long long time… Enough said.
This week to change things up a little I’ve been in touch with two opposition sites. I thought it might be interesting to get a wider view from City fans as there club seems to be suffering a lot of the same issues we are. I’ve been talking to Kevin who published the questions on their forum so it’s a bit of a wider view all told.
PGL: It’s been all change at Eastlands since our two clubs last met. Now the dust has settled a bit, how are City fans feeling about your new owners?
Kevin: We are all very excited. Since all the noise in the first few days of the takeover the new owner  has been very quiet apart from the recent statement supporting the Manager which he was quite right to do.
From the Bluemoon Forum: It’s been brilliant so far. Signing Robinho on their first day in charge really shocked football world. Only time will tell if they are going to stick to their plans.
PGL: After a bit of a dip in form, there has been talk of Hughes being under pressure but with that sort of money being pumped into the club, the pressure was to be expected wasn’t it?
From the Bluemoon Forum: 95% of blues expected us to be in the top 6 while the other 5% expected us to be in the top four and our next signings were Messi and Kaka but everyone club has a minority of deluded clueless fans. Hughes has no one but himself to blame by putting himself under pressure, alot of us know that it takes time to build a team but some of his decisions have been shocking such as Richards at left back when Garrido is on the bench and playing Vassell and Fernandes over Elano who should be playing every week. We the team we have – Robinho, Ireland, SWP, Elano, Jo, Kompany ect then anything below 6th would be very dissapointing especially after we finished 3 points of 6th last season, that would not be an improvement at all when we have improved that side. A win against the rags will take the pressure of him for abit.
Kevin: Yes I think so. The reality is Mark Hughes hasn’t really had the chance to use any of that money yet. On the evidence of the signing of Kompany, Zabaletta and SWP we can only look forward to what might happen in January
PGL: Your prodical son, Shaun Wright-Phillips has returned. How good was it to see him in light blue again?
Kevin: When we signed him back from Chelsea I wasn’t really sure as players aren’t usually successful when they go back to former clubs but he has been fantastic and is a better player than the one we sold (so how did we end £13m up on the deal) to Chelsea.
From the Bluemoon Forum: Words cant describe it!
PGL: In Dunne and Kompany, you’ve got two players a lot of Gooners would have liked to have seen in Red and White this season but it has been your defending that’s  been letting you down a bit recently, Dunne in particular seems to be having a  bad run. Will Hughes spend big on a Centre Half in January?
From the Bluemoon Forum: I wouldn’t say he will spend big on a centre half, he’s a manager that will always look for a young player with loads of potential and not over the top in terms of cash, i.e Zabaleta, Kompany. He can always put Kompany in CB (natural position too) if he buys more defense in the midfield and begins to make a squad. He isnt going to stop playing Dunne though, Dunne is still a magnificent defender even if he’s farting around too much lately, he’ll get over it and come back strong, maybe the one match break he had will help him clear his head
Kevin: Yes I am sure that will be one of our target areas. The reality is that if we want to challenge for a top 6, let alone top 4 we will need to improve our defence.
PGL: Our two clubs seem to be having similar problems with consistency, do you think we’re both missing the physicality needed to thrive in the Prem?
Kevin: Yes definitely, we both need a player with the ability and leadership skills of someone like Patrick Vieira. We have been linked a lot recently with Diarra from Pompey (again a former Arsenal player) and I think he will fit the bill perfectly.
From the Bluemoon Forum: I honestly do think that’s the problem with both of us at the moment, City have a 5 man midfield and 4 of them are flair players, similar to Arsenal. The midfields are just too lightweight.
PGL: With Robinho having settled well and scoring goals, how far up the table can you finish?
From the Bluemoon Forum: Robinho is simply fantastic, what we missed last season was someone who could score, our top scorer was Elano with 10 and I reckon if we had a 20 goal striker we would of finished in the top 6. He has 8 so far and there is no reason why he cannot get 25 or 30, he still has a long way to go to settling in this league, his away performances for example but that will come and when they do we will have a potential world player of the year on our hands. He is a guy who needs to be loved, he would much rather be the star player in our club and treated like a god than to go to Chelsea, AC Milan or Madrid ect and be just another top player, I just hope we can’t give him a reason to jump ship because we aren’t winning anything, also he is a legend because he gets the BUS to the trafford centre!!
Kevin: I think a top 8 finish is still achievable but that is the most we can expect this season, anything better a bonus but lower would be disappointing
PGL: Arsenals weaknesses have been well publicised of late, how will Hughes set your side to try and exploit them?
Kevin: Our form at home has been excellent so am sure it will be another attacking formation from City. The fact that Fabregas and Walcott are missing is a big plus. I also think that Arsenals open style of play can work in our favour
From the Bluemoon Forum: He’ll look to strengthen his own side first in anyway he can before going after weakness, but its obvious Arsenal has a problem dealing with strong handed tactics, maybe he’ll give Kompany a license to kill.
PGL: What do you think will be the key battles will be?
From the Bluemoon Forum: RVP and Richards, Sagna and SWP, and your entire squad vs Superman.
Kevin: I think how Arsenal deal with the threat of Robinho, Ireland and SWP will be the main area. Snuff them out and you will be half way there.
PGL: And finally, what’s your prediction for the game?
Kevin: City 2 Arsenal 1
From the Bluemoon Forum: 3-3, draw. this will be the first time in years we could genuinely match Arsenal but our defence could be too little.
PGL: So there you go Insiders, those are the views of a bunch of City fans. I don’t know what today will bring but lets hope it’s 3 points. I’m going for a mental 5-3 to the Arsenal… anything is possible!

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