Ask the Oppo: Let's Sheik the Emirates with the Rocky Song!

PGL: So the world richest club roll into LDN today after that god awful international break that came at just the wrong time for our resurgent side. We are without RVP, Diaby, Eduardo and Nasri for todays game but Theo, Ade and Cesc all return to the squad. My guess is Cesc will start today and thoughts of him and Arsahvin in the side have me licking my lips with excitement. This week I’ve been talking to Kevin from about life at City and today’s game.
PGL: So what’s been going on at Eastlands since we last met?

My Revenge On Ben Foster

Kevin: In fact after we gave Arsenal a good thumping at CoMS (sorry that very, very rarely happens so I had to get that in) we had something of a slump. Continuing bad form away from home was followed by an embarrassing exit from the FA Cup at the hands of Forest. our only salvation was continuing success in the UEFA Cup. Although 6 home league wins on the trot recently has made things much better.
PGL: Do fans think Mark Hughes will still be in the hot seat at the start of next season?
Kevin: Any manager has supporters who don’t like him, even Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. I think the majority of fans want some stability. The reality is that most of his buys have been excellent so he does deserve time
PGL: Do you feel the Kaka affair affected the club?
Kevin: Not really. It was great for a few days and there was a point when it seemed it was going to happen. The reality is it didn’t so you just move on and look forward to teh next transfer window and all the possibilities that it might bring
PGL: Do City fans think Robiniho has influence? Or has Hughes put him in his place?
Kevin: He obviously has some influence. You don’t pay that much for any player and then ignore his views. However I think MH has got a grip on teh situation. In all honesty at home he has generally been fantastic. Not so hot away from home but then again he’s not alone as quite a few have been disappointing on our travels
PGL: What’s are the realistic aims for the rest of your season?
Kevin: Top 8 finish would be nice. We have a good run of home games but with Arsenal and Spurs to visit maybe not so much away. We do have to visit the swamp and maybe the combination of Arsenal who also have to visit and City might just help Liverpool snatch the title, here’s hoping anyhow.
PGL: What are your impressions of our latest hero, Andrev Arshavin?
Kevin: I have been very impressed. City were linked in teh summer and I wasn’t too keen but I think he has been a hit and when he has a full pre-season under his belt I think he will def be one to watch
PGL: Arsenal have been on a good run and Cesc should be back in the squad, how will your defence cope with our resurgent attack?
Kevin: The defence hasn’t looked too bad recently. Onohha and Dunne look to be forming quite a good understanding and Micah Richards has shown some of his old form. If Bridge is back after injury I think we can give Arsenal a game
PGL: Where do you think the key battles will be?
Kevin: I think both teams have excellent midfield players and whoever wins that battle will win the game, although they may just blank each other out
PGL: And finally, what’s your prediction for the game?
Kevin: 1 – 1
PGL: So that’s the view of the City Fans. Personally, I don’t see this being a draw and think we’ll win by two. The last meeting we had with City hurt… a lot. Gallasgate is now well and truly behind us and we really owe City a beating. They have been poor on the road but our style and theirs should make for an open game but I think our midfield, should be able to impose themselves especially if Fab 4 is as sharp as he has declared. Lets hope our success in Ade’s absence has opened his eyes that he’s not our star player and needs to work as hard as the rest in red and white. Don’t forget to sing for Rocky at the top of your lungs.
PS: I’m putting forward a idea to Man City fans…New lyrics to your anthem ‘Blue moon’:
‘Blue Moon I saw you standing with a wealthy Middle Eastern Backer’
I think this change is needed. You can’t sing that you’re ‘alone’ anymore!

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