Ask the Oppo: The Geordie reply - "Hawaie the Ladz..."

Good morning insiders, and today I am filling in for the injured PGL, bit of a sick-note truth be told; I hope it is not a Nelson Vivas style substitute appearance, we wouldn’t like to let a mate down like that. Today I am joined by Mr Eddy Suryadi of from the Newcastle blog. Many thanks for taking the time to talk to us dude.
ArseneHollis: Eddy, Arsenal fans saw  first hand the difficult situation Keegan took over, we wouldn’t mind another 3 – 0 this time out. But results so far this term appear encouraging, how good a job has Kev done and what do you think are realistic expectations for the coming season?
EddySuryami: Compared to last term Keegan will still be facing at a difficult time at Newcastle, in what is his second stint as the gaffer. This season it will be hard for Keegan to do his best work, what with the restricted transfer funds and the failure of Dennis Wise to bring in transfer targets. If the other team’s fans saw our first two games as encouraging, maybe it is, but there’s still a very long hard road upon us J But, I have to admit that the new boys are doing great so far and appear very useful additions. Realistic expectation? Mid table with sixth position in the table at the end of season probably the best achievement that we can get.
AH: 6th position, listening to some goners this week you might be battling us for that spot. You mentioned the new boys, both the new Argentine lads look exciting players from afar, what is the impression of the players who have come in this season?
ES: Like I said above, Gutierrez and Coloccini are useful addition to the Newcastle team this season, especially Gutierrez, he reminds me of Ginola mixed with Beardsley. Coloccini is looking good in our first two games, especially at OT, and I hope he can do the same at Emirates 😉
AH: We’ll have to watch out on Saturday, although as a bald man I was really curious about the hair-do’s, football needs more of that 70’s style. Talking of physical misfortune, does it really make sense to plough at least £6 million quid a year, if the paper figures are to be believed, into Michael Owen and his permanent recuperation project?
ES: This is a hard question, but just like Keegan I still see Owen as the best striker that we have. So far, despite his injury prone nature, he has shown he can score goals. Speaking about injuries, I think most of our squad from last season are prone to injury, Duff, Ameobi, and even Martins. So it’s not fair to make a judgement on Owen’s condition only.
AH: The Owen story in the paper has usually been prefaced by talk of dwindling attendances, if 47,000 can be described in that way, is that a genuine concern for the club?
ES: I don’t think that is a genuine concern for the club. If you mean by that: 47,000 was the last Toon Army who came to SJP, I see that on the whole there is not less people supporting the team. There may be other reasons like the financial situation for example, but the truth is the support for Newcastle team will never fade, no matter what.
AH: You mentioned Dennis Wise above, there’s a man who incites a lot of 4 letter words down this way, seemed strange from down here, but that’s his viewpoint. What did you make of it in your neck of the woods?(No more references to things below head height I promise)
ES: 4 letters word means FU*K or CU*T? lol! Yes, those could be the word that most Toon fans are saying about him. I personally see no urgency behind his appointment; perhaps the word “CRAZY” isn’t improper. Why must Newcastle have someone who is in charge of our youth system in the director’s box? I think there’s something going a bit “not right”, but as someone outside the SJP, I can only say that and am not sure of the real truth behind his appointment.
AH: Language Eddy!! This a family site; seriously though, good to see class travels well. On that theme, what is the fan’s view of the Joey Barton situation? I would be desperately upset to have someone like that associated with my club. If anyone but KK, who has that whole enthusiastic innocence down very well, had said he thought he had turned a corner it would look like a very shallow refusal to lose out on money spent.
ES: Joey Barton J, another hard question. If you ask my personal opinion, I believe in what Keegan said about Joey, but if you ask the fans view in general, I’m not so sure about it.
AH: All three teams from the north-east have had encouraging performances to start the season, although you have to fancy beating Spurs will look less impressive by Christmas, so who will finish highest out of the lot?
ES: Of course it will be Newcastle United J.
AH: After that slightly tongue in cheek offering, lets get down to the game on Saturday, what team would you expect to see?
ES: What team I expect to see, not sure about this question. You mean what team to win the game? If that’s your question, as a Newcastle fan I want my team to win on Saturday, but the more realistic result would be a draw. Arsenal is a dangerous team, although your loss last weekend, that would make you even more dangerous for Newcastle this weekend I think.
AH: Is there anyone in particular you would pick who is especially important to your performances?
ES: Too early to make judgement at this stage about who is the most important to the team performance. I personally want everyone to play his part in each game that we play, and if someone is looking more important, that’s just a bonus for the whole team. But I would love to see Jonas scoring for us and stay fit.
AH: I know where you are coming from with that excitement about the new players, I really hope Silvestre stays fit to. Finally, what’s your prediction for the game?
ES: I’m not good at predictions, but I only hope that Newcastle can force a draw, but if we have to loss then I hope not losing too big in terms of goals conceded ;). If we can hold your team this weekend, that would be very awesome one.
AH: Honestly the last one now, don’t you think PerryGrovesLove child is a particularly weird name to self apply?
ES: LOL, that’s a unique nick-name I must say. But what do you think about Shearyadi as a nick-name, is that weird too? 😉
AH: Shearyadi certainly is a weird one also. Thank you again Eddy for taking the time out to chat to us way down south here, I’m based about 10 miles from Morrocco, although the local northern lads say you don’t get any softer once you go past Brighton, just more Manc fans sadly. All the best for the rest of the season, maybe Owen can give Barton his injury jinx and Karma will finally prove its existence. I’m going for my customary 4 – 0 Arsenal by the way, Arsene knows after all. Peace and love y’all, enjoy the game and drink responsibly.

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