Ask the Oppo: Will Arsenal play the same victory Toon?

Morning everyone, and later on this afternoon there will be more fog on the Tyne as The Gunners try to extend their lead over Aston Villa by checking out a few Barcodes? With me this week is Mr Eddy Suryadi from the Newcastle Supporters  blog.
PGL: Hello again Eddy, you must be pleased that since we last chatted, Newcastle’s fortunes have moved in a positive direction apart from the heart condition of your manager of course, at least Chris Hughton seems to be doing the business
Eddy: Not really moved into the position that we wanted us to be exactly, if we don’t move up quickly then there’s more opportunity that there will be more Toon Army to follow JK to have a heart surgery!
PGL: Ok, that was a wind up… Arsenal were 13th in the table and you were 4th during that sunny August. Now we are 4th and you appear to be around 16th? But the soap opera over the on/off sale of Newcastle after getting rid of Keegan cannot have helped. Is the club anymore secure that now that your owner Mike Ashley has taken it off the market after failing to get an Arab buyer and cut or frozen season ticket prices?
Eddy: that’s not enough, we want more than just taken the club off the market or any season tickets cut-prize, we need solid team and Ashley should provide it to us next season (IF) we finally securing our EPL status.
PGL: Is there anyone on Tyneside that does not believe that Alan Shearer will finally take over the reigns at Newcastle, and would having a media pundit change the prospects of winning a trophy?
Eddy: None will do as long as there’s no genuine (money) back-up from the club owner. I’d love to see Shearer in charge but the root is not who will taking the reigns, it’s who will provide the funds i guess.
PGL: Which players do you have out injured for the fixture?
Eddy: Not sure but we definitely will not having Joey Barton
PGL: I have my doubts that Michael Owen will still be at your club after next summer, has he paid back all the support given to him in his performances? After all he always seems to be injured until there is an England coming around
Eddy: I think he will go this summer and for what he has done to us so far, he’s one of the worst buy this club ever done in the past decades in terms of how much we have paid for him.
PGL: Who will be the greatest threat that our back four will have to deal with at St James?s Park  do you think? I am worried about Steven Taylor at set pieces
Eddy: Well, thanks for this question. Don’t think we have enough of quality that make your back-four have to deal with, but if someone to have near that quality, i think Lovendkrands and (as you say) Steven Taylor could be the one.
PGL: I am hoping that Arshavin will score more goals and the pace of Samir Nasri may just worry you in the second half as the Geordie legs start to tire?
Eddy: Yep, we have many old-legs that has to be replaced sooner next season, we could give your team serious problems in the first-half as we did couple times to other team this season but often drop-off when second half approaching.
PGL: and your prediction of the outcome?
Eddy: how about a draw?
PGL: Well there you have it. Looks like Arsenal will have to really impress Eddy this time. Having said that, some of my best friends are Geordies, but sadly we need a win more than they do. Lets roll them over Gunners!!!
Eddy: Thank you for the questions and hope your team is failed to impress me… lol!
The injury news about Theo Walcott is heart breaking. What do we have to do as a club to keep our players fit? A knee cartilage injury means six weeks and he might, just might be back in time for a cup final… the problem is of course which one? Eduardo is set to start and almost certainly this means the return to the 4-2-3-1 formation. I expect Niklas Bendtner to partner Eduardo as our great Dane appears to be winning almost everything in the air these days.
On the ground perhaps Arshavin will be rested and allowed to recover, but seeing as he will not take part in our Champions League fixtures, he will be needed for the Premier League and the FA Cup. A word of caution. Arsenal must not be complacent today. The easiest mistake to make is to think that the Barcodes will just roll over. I shall be at St James park for this match, and I aim to add my vocal support to the excellent Away Boyz noise. So listen out for me on Setanta TV…lol
So how about a formation of Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Toure, Clichy, Denilson, Diaby, Nasri,Eboue, Eduardo, Bendtner?
Cesc Fabregas should be back for the Man Citeh game, and then we will see if our talisman will add to our midfield what we have been missing. So keep the faith because I have a hunch that the end of our season will be very interesting. There is something in my water that says after the Champions League draw, there is a higher power somewhere wearing a red and white scarf….lol

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