Ask The Oppo! - Wolves v Arsenal


It’s Ask the Oppo time again and this week Carl Eldridge talks to Molineux regular Peter Hayes ahead of the Gunners’ trip to Wolves in the Premier League…
CE: Wolves are back on the big stage after such a long and painful period so life in the top flight must be enjoyable?
PH; Yes it certainly has been a journey supporting the Wolves over the years and yes we are loving it, it really is the place to be. We have improved week on week and adjusted to the pace and power and we haven’t lost in our previous three games so hopefully we can build on that.
CE: Yes, three draws on the bounce I see. It must have been nice to get a point from the Villa game?
PH: Too right. Those games are so important to the fans and we’ll take a draw. Having said that I actually enjoyed the draw at Stoke last week more. I was at the game and our support was tremendous.
CE: And it seems you have a new goal ace in your ranks in Jody Craddock after he scored twice at the Britannia!
PH: I know, unbelievable isn’t it? What a turn up, eh? I’ve heard Mick McCarthy has told him he expects 20 goals this season, LOL!
CE: I have been to Molineux a few times to see the Arsenal and it is a proper ground with a great atmosphere, do you think it is an important factor when you have to gain any advantage?
PH: Definitely and you’re right our support at home is excellent – as it is away from home too – and raising the roof for the boys lifts them and can intimidate the opposition as well. Maybe your fans can learn a thing or two today about the atmosphere LOL!
CE: I doubt if you could make any more noise than at the Emirates last week when we saw off some other team from north London by the way! What do you make of our current form?
PH: Oh come on, everyone knows that on your day the football is awesome and the goals are plentiful but a Mick McCarthy side is always well prepared and has a game plan and I think that if we can get in the Arsenal players’ faces then we can unsettle you.
CE: So apart from Craddock who else do we have to look out for today for Wolves?
PH: Kevin Doyle and Slyvain Ebanks-Blake are my personal favourites. Both have genuine quality and on their day they can make a difference for us. But the main isn’t on the pitch at Wolves he is on the sidelines. McCarthy is such a good manager and he seems to have an inner strength that he passes on as belief to the players.
CE: Okay, time for a prediction. How do you see it going today?
PH: Well, I have two predictions…
CE: Er, what do you mean – we just need a score Peter.
PH: Let me finish, I predict a 2-2 draw but also that Arsenal miss a late penalty!
CE: Bit bizarre!
PH: I know but i dreamt it…
CE; Hmm, I see – well I go for 3-1 to the glorious Gunners, cheers,

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