Ask the Oppo:The Toffees are all chewed up

Good morning Insiders and welcome back from the wilderness of International football. Wenger has said “that there is not a lot of margin of error left – but I still think we can do it”. Lets hope today is the real beginning of our season. It’s a tough game against an Everton side whos start has been even more erratic than our own. I’ve been in touch with the good folks over at ToffeeWeb
They have taken the rather interesting step of putting my questions on their own boards for their readers to answer. So below is only a section of the various answers given (they asked me some that I answered too!).
PGL: The Toffees have had a pretty difficult start to the season, you’re currently 15th and have gone out of the UEFA Cup, what’s the mood like at Goodison?
Toffeweb Reader: Terrible it feels like we’ve thrown away everything we’ve achievd last year to be honest and are further than winning anything than ever, though lifted slightly by the fact we have a nearly fully fit squad and a now committed manager – it’s likely we’ll find ourselves bottom of the table in two weeks time.
PGL: David Moyes has ended speculation over his future by signing a new five-year deal reported to be worth £16.5 million. How important is he for the future of your Club?
Toffeweb Reader: Managers come and go, if he left we wouldn’t cease to exist despite the protestations of the narrow minded (remember Martin Jol got pumped by Spurs and where are Hamburg in the Bundesliga right now and where are Spurs in the EPL?).
PGL: Arsenal & Everton are two of the only remaining ‘big clubs’ not owned by some foreign billionaire. How do Everton fans feel about the prospect of a buy out?
Toffeweb Reader: Arent you lot ’silently’ funded by Stan Kroenke? But to answer, in one respect we would love to remain owned by a Blue or a local but we need big bucks to compete. This would seem the only way to get it!
PGL: You’re the only club that has consistently threatened to take the place of one of the “big four”, what’s needed to go that extra step?
Toffeweb Reader(Various): Cash – which would buy better quality – bigger & better squad – enabling us to compete./ Arsene Wenger / scouts that have gone to specsavers and a raft of investment to pay for it all
PGL:  It’s been touted in some quarters that Lee Carsley’s departure has had a bigger impact than expected, is this a view shared by the fans?
Toffeweb Reader: The departure of Carsley tied with Moyes not being able to change the formation or gameplan has been important, you simply can’t continue to play a formation that needs that type of player if he isn’t there anymore; ties in with Moyes learning from mistakes (6 years+ and counting and waiting)
PGL: You’ve got quite a lot of creative talent in your side now, Arteta, Cahill, Osmond and Pienaar, why do you think Everton rarely get the credit for their football they deserve?
Toffeweb Readers(Various): We don’t get credit as we aren’t one of the bastard children of Sky and the media, just watch Match of the Day even if we win but don’t blink or you will miss it / because it’s mainly “Hoofball”/ I agree that this season we’ve played some shite hoofball and at times last season, but for large parts of last season we also played some pretty good football (on the deck) with the likes of Arteta, Pienaar, and Osman at the heart of that. That is what that geezer is referring to.
PGL: How do you expect Moyes to set his team up on Saturday?
Toffeweb Reader: Moyes will set his team out as he always does, ultra defensive hoping for a lucky break, nervous and use substitutions too late to make any difference when we fall behind as he has no game plan to come from behind to win matches.
PGL: What Arsenal players will most concern your manager?
Toffeweb Readers(Various): Any of the Arsenal team would worry us, more talented, faster and fitter./ The fooking lot of ’em from Almunia to Walcott (ok with the exception of Gallas)./ Our manager will be concerned about all 11 of your players and also the 7 on the bench. Will Wenger be concerned about Phil Neville or Tony Hibbert?
PGL: The game is at the end of an International week. How do you think this will effect the game?
Toffeweb Readers(Various): International break aside it will no doubt be one of many possible and overly used feeble excuses should we get a pummelling./ I’d love to say seeing as most of our team have stayed on Merseyside we would benefit from the break but I can’t see it./ Makes no difference.
PGL: And finally, what’s your prediction for the game?
Toffeweb Readers(Various): My head says a tight draw but with a bit of optimisim from Moyes contract & a good attitude my heart says we can repeat Hull’s victory & do you!!/ 1-1 Van Persie and Andy van der Meyde/ 0-6 win to the Blues! — We’ll piss it.
PGL: So there you go Insiders. That’s the view of quite a few Evertonians. What struck me reading the various answers is that most fans are the same, one or two suspect results and its all doom and gloom. I think the result is a very difficult one to predict tomorrow. Both sides are going through a bit of a difficult period but if we play like we can I’m going for 2-0 but if we play like we have done at times this season I’m going for a horrible 0-0 draw. Enjoy the game.

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