In Conversation With A Sp*rs Fan…

In Conversation With A Sp*rs Fan...

In a break from the norm i am going to write a post about our neighbours. Dear old Tottenham Hotspurs. They never learn, they never get it right. They self sabotage on grand scales and every year it is going to be their year. Typical Tottenham supporter from 2 weeks ago: I just can’t wait for the new season, our glorious leader Martin Jol has gone and bought us a brand spanking new striker and he’s going to propel us into the top 4. Hurrah! Arsenal supporter from 2 weeks ago: Er…your midfield is still shit. Tottenham: Oh no we’ve got little Aaron Lennon who is the best winger in the league, even better than Ronaldo. Arsenal: He’s always injured, and my mum can cross better than him. Tottenham: Don’t be rotten. Also we have Didier Zokora who turned down mean old Arsenal for us and he’s great. And we have ‘The Hudd’. Arsenal: Yes, yes you do you have a man who is physically incapable of staying on his feet and the boy who can’t stop eating.
Tottenham: Well, we’ll see won’t we this year is really going to be our year, i just can’t wait! Two weeks later… Arsenal supporter: So hows it going? Tottenham supporter: Rotten Martin Jol has gone and bought us rubbish players and we’ll never get into the top 4 now. I wish we had that nice Spanish chap from Seville. Arsenal supporter: You can’t sack a manager who’s just spent £40m after 2 weeks. Tottenham: He’s jolly awful, i’ve never liked him…and he’s fat. Arsenal: Sigh, ok. In all seriousness though look at the successful clubs in the Premiership (not abroad because it’s all a bit crazy over there) and we find Man United with Ferguson 20 odd years. Arsenal with Arsene 11 years. Everton with Moyes 5 or 6 years. Chelsea are the only club to have won the Premiership the season after a managerial change and that was due more to extreme circumstances than anything else. It is proven that the more successful clubs generally have managers who have been at the club for a reasonable length of time. Spurs clearly haven’t learn this and if you look at their record sacking Jol, for all his faults, is the act of madness. One of the best traits of the Arsenal fans is their complete lack of calling for the managers head.
Even United fans occasionally get together to blame Ferguson and want him sacked. I’ve never seen us do it, only the odd chap here or there. Watching Spurs shoot themselves in the foot is bloody funny though.

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