Salomon Kalou anyone? The Chelsea striker is the latest transfer target to emerge in the tabloids this morning as transfer fever spreads across redtop sports desks.

The Sun claims AW has offered £6million for the 24-on-August-5th-year-old Ivory Coast forward but the Kings Road Kremlinites are insisting on £8m.

The lure? Beautiful football…and double your money. The paper continues: ‘Emirates boss Arsene Wenger is ready to double his weekly wage to £60,000 and has offered him a five-year contract. Kalou rocked Chelsea in February when he said it would be an honour to play for Wenger.

Kalou said: “He is a very great coach and I know that every single player in the world dreams of playing for him. I have a lot of respect for him, he is one of the best coaches in the world. Arsenal are achieving huge things and watching them play is beautiful.”


Squad player at best IMO.

Perhaps a more realistic arrival pops up in this morning’s Daily Mail, which reports Marouane Chamakh is ‘rumoured’ to be in London and is on the verge of joining us.

Chamakh, says the paper, is angry with Bordeaux holding out for £15m and has had a dig saying: ‘I am angry, I am disgusted and I do not understand why they have done that.One thing is certain, I will not be signing a new contract. If they will not let me go now, I will leave for free. If a solution cannot be found quickly, everyone will lose. Frankly I really do not want to start the season with Bordeaux.’
The Guardian, meanwhile, reckons there will be no return to Senderos for AW with a report that the Swiss defender is set for a move to Everton. The source on this one is, strangely, the Swiss football federation. So far there has bean no comment from either club.
BTW, any Gooners keen to avoid swine flu can, reports the Telegraph, avoid it by necking whisky. That’s the advice the Russian FA are giving to their fans heading for Wales for a World Cup qualifier. My old man won’t catch it then. Of course, it begs the question: Is Andrei Arshavin on the old gold watch in between training sessions?