AW: My fears for Eduardo and Wiley too close to United aces

Arsene Wenger has spoken about one of the most traumatic games in his career in this morning’s Sun, saying: “I feared Eduardo would never play again.”
The redtop points out that Arsenal host Birmingham today, their first meeting since the St Andrew’s draw that wrecked the Gunners’ 2007-08 title hopes. Martin Taylor’s X-rated tackle left Eduardo with a double leg break and also shattered his team-mates.
As we know Gael Clichy gave away a last-minute penalty which cost Arsenal two points and his howler led to then-skipper William Gallas’ sit-down protest as the Gunners’ dressing room imploded, sasy teh paper.
The rip-roaring Gunners would have opened up and eight-point gap on the chasing pack had they beaten the Brummies. But after that agonising draw against Birmingham, shell-shocked Arsenal went on to win just one of their next eight league games and handed the title to Manchester United.
Wenger said: “What sticks in the mind? That we didn’t win the game and that Eduardo was severely injured. There were a lot of incidents. The penalty, Gallas’s explosion a little bit.
“I still believe that was a big blow. We lost Eduardo for the season and we dropped two points. We couldn’t win after that. “My concern was for Eduardo. Will he play again? Will he be injured for ever? How long will he be out?”
The incidents are still fresh in Wenger’s mind and he adds in the Guardian: “I still believe that was a big blow,” he said. “We lost Eduardo for the rest of the season and we dropped two points. We couldn’t win afterwards for a few games in fact we dropped a few points. It was a shock for the team to see the leg of Eduardo. I was very angry. I was a bit excessive after the game maybe against Taylor. I apologised after that but I still think it was a clumsy tackle.”
Elsewhere this morning, AW has plunged Alan Wiley back into the spotlight by accusing the under-fire referee of being too friendly with Manchester United, claims the Daily Mirror.
The Arsenal boss’s comments ironically come with Sir Alex Ferguson facing punishment for his attack on the Staffordshire official’s fitness and integrity after the 2-2 draw with Sunderland on October 3. Wiley was spotted in that game referring to England striker Wayne Rooney by his nickname ‘Wazza’.
Wiley was also the fourth official seen laughing and joking with Sir Alex as Michael Owen scored the stoppage-time winner in the explosive Manchester derby last month.
And Wenger said of the Sunderland game: “What was more shocking on the day was, well you watch the game again and you will see. “I just say that the referees for me are fit. When you ask me if I have been close to the referees I say no – I do not want to.
”I believe for them to do their job in an objective way they have to keep their distance as much as possible. From the players, from the English national players and from the managers.”
He continued on the subject in the Daily Mail: ‘What I believe is the best way no to create any doubt in anybody’s mind is to have the same behaviour with everybody. It looks completely logical. I do not want to pick on one team or the other. I want them [referees] to treat our players exactly the same and there is only way to do that. It’s to keep the distance with everybody. ‘I do not want to talk about Manchester United. We are at Arsenal Football Club.’
Too right, AW — come on you Gunners!

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