AW's offer to PV33 with a little help from MK5

Patrick Vieira’s incredible switch back to Arsenal inches ever closer. Andre Arshavin can make a huge impact for the Gunners this season. Oh, and Jack Wilshere is the new wunderkind and will lift the World Cup for England next year.
Yes, just another busy day of tabloid tales focusing on the rip-roaring Reds, much of which came from AW’s post-match press conference after yesterday’s trouncing of the lack-of-power Rangers.
On PV4 (with fab Fab at 4 presumably it’ll be PV33) the Sun quotes the Prof thus:  “It is a policy of mine not to re-sign players. Usually once a player has gone, he has gone. But I never said that I would never do it. And Patrick is a great player.”
Is or was, AW?
The Guardian expand the story and carry this superbly ambiguous quote from our leader when told PV33 would provide leadership in the dressing room full of young ‘uns.
“I don’t deny that,” said Wenger. “But you have an impact when you play. Patrick is a great player. I have not considered it yet to bring him back; it is a possibility that I have to think about. First of all, it is not sure that he will decide to join us if I decide to try to make him come. So there is a lot of thinking to be done.”
If he is keen to bring him back, surely the best way to do so would be to have the following convo:
AW: Alright Paddy, wanna come back and kick shit out of T******* home and away?
PV33: What, you’ll guarantee I’ll play in those two games?
AW: Yes, in fact those are the only two. The rest of the time you can toughen up my young ‘uns in training. That nutter MK5’s already on board.
PV33: MK5? Isn’t that a Milton Keynes postcode?
AW: No, Keown, Paddy!
PV33: Le nice one.
AW: See you Monday morning at training.
Talking of great players and the Daily Mail does, reflecting on Arshavin and AW’s thoughts on his progress at the Emirates.
‘He now knows how English football works,’ said the Arsenal manager. ‘He knows as well he is part of the team from the start, and the team know how important and how big an impact he can have on the results.
‘Arshavin has what you cannot give to a player – he understands when there is an opportunity in the final third, and is certainly dangerous.’
I was in row 6 in the West Stand y’day against the Jocks and saw first hand just how dynamic the little Ruskie can be down the left. Big season ahead for him, and ultimately us, if he can stay fit and remain at the top of his game.
While Arshavin is likely to focus in the majority of our games, yesterday’s man of the match Jack Wilshere will be used sparingly but after his dazzling display, the papers are already considering his international future.
England boss Fabio Capello was at the game but, as ever, AW is cautious.
“Let’s be calm and quiet – the World Cup is next year. Let’s first see how he improves and plays,” said AW.
“Let’s not make stars in just two games. Before, you had to play well for four or five years until somebody says maybe he can play for the national team.
“Now everybody is quick because everybody sees everything. I still believe you have to respect the development of the players.
“Fortunately it is Capello’s problem and not my problem. The only problem in England, knowing the impatience of English people it will be difficult to keep the right pace of his progress.
“He will be play but certainly not the whole Premier League season.How many games he will play is very difficult to predict.”
Back to the Sun, and they carry a paragraph of highly speculative coverage of our supposed £6million move for Bordeaux strike star Marouane Chamakh. According to them it ‘moved a step closer last night as the Moroccan was left out of a friendly against Villarreal’.
Well, that’s that then — done deal!

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