Ban Shawcross for season for Rambo leg-break

First things first and this morning our thoughts must be with Aaron Ramsey as he recovers from a broken leg caused by an horrendous tackle from brain dead hachetman Ryan Shawcross.
Imbecilic Shawcross, who that idiot Tony Pulis lamely tried to defend in his whining post-match interview, almost snapped Rambo’s leg in two with a vicious challenge and was duly red-carded as the Arsenal went on to beat this bunch of long ball, long throw merchants 3-1.
Shawcross must be banned for the length of time that poor Aaron is out of the game which is the rest of the season at best with the summer for rehab — it’s simple. He was in tears after the tackle but crocodile tears in my opinion knowing what a disgraceful act he had committed.
This just in from “During yesterday’s match against Stoke City, Aaron Ramsey sustained fractures to the tibia and fibula in his right leg. Yesterday evening he underwent surgery.
“The operation successfully reduced the fractures and whilst it is too soon to state an exact timescale for recovery, Aaron will certainly miss the remainder of this season.  Our thoughts are with Aaron at this time and everyone at the Club wishes him all the best in making as speedy a return to action as possible.”
>And the papers are full of the aftermath from the tackle and the win at the Britannia. The Sunday Mirror tells us that Ramsey was rushed to hospital with a badly broken leg after being hit by an X-rated Shawcross tackle.
The City skipper was sent off for his challenge. And while concerned Arsenal players and medics surrounded the brilliant young Welshman, Shawcross left the pitch in tears. It brought back instant memories of the horrific broken leg of his Arsenal team-mate Eduardo at Birmingham almost two years to the day, says the paper.
Arsene Wenger, clearly incensed by events, shook his head in dismay as Ramsey was carried off to a waiting ambulance. The Mirror reports that Sky chose not to show replays of the incident and presenter Richard Keys said: “We are not going to show it – you have to feel for his family.”
AW said: “We have a 19-year-old boy who has suffered a horrendous tackle. I would say we are not protected enough. I have no problems with teams being physical but three broken legs in five years is just too much. Tackles like that are not part of football. They just aren’t acceptable. I hope people will spare me stories of how nice Shawcross is. For Ramsey to be kicked out of the game like that is beyond words.”
Shawcross has since issued a stement and the Mail carries it. The statement read: ‘There was absolutely no malice in the challenge.
‘I would never, ever go out to hurt a fellow professional. I am deeply upset that Aaron has suffered such a bad injury and my thoughts are with him. I would like to send him my best wishes too for a speedy recovery.’
The 22-year-old’s sentiments were echoed by his club, who added in the statement: ‘Stoke City would like to send their best wishes to Aaron Ramsey and Arsenal Football Club.’
‘The club do, however, wish to make it quite clear that there was absolutely no malice in the challenge from Ryan Shawcross which caused the injury.’
Pulis added: ‘On behalf of everyone at Stoke City, we would like to express our deepest sympathy to Aaron and Arsenal at what has happened.
‘Our thoughts are with him and his family. We hope he makes a speedy recovery and everyone here wishes to see him back on the football field as soon as possible.’
Pulis also defended Shawcross, adding: ‘Ryan Shawcross has no bad blood in him whatsoever.
‘There is no way in a million years he would ever go out and try and hurt someone. The lad was heartbroken at what has happened, you could see as he came off the pitch that he was in tears and he feels devastated that Aaron has been so badly injured.’

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