Bullard's 'granny' face transplant a success

Is there a granny walking around Hull with the face of a young man? I only ask because Jimmy Bullard looks like he has had a blue-rinsed OAP’s face transplanted on to his bonce. Very weird looking man. Overrated too. Anyway, enough about Granny Face, let’s concentrate on the Arsenal, and in this morning’s papers Nicklas Bendtner is quoted at length after snatching our hugely deserved late winner against Hull in the 2-1 Premier League win on Saturday.
Bendy told the Sun: “We never stop believing that we can force a result because I’ve seen us getting something in the last minute so many times this season. Everyone in the ground might think it’s all over but we keep passing it around and then we score a goal out of nothing.
“No one has taken as many late points as Arsenal this season and that’s because we know how to be patient against opponents who put a lot of men behind the ball. The game is 90 minutes long plus stoppage time and if you give up after 80 minutes you cannot be a proper player.
“We showed great character to win in the last minutes against Stoke the other week and now we have done it again. We have got what we came for and all we are thinking about now is our next game at home to West Ham.”
And the great Dane tells the Mirror how he saw the behavious of sent-off George Boateng after he poked Bendy in the eye and tried to cut Bacary Sagna in half.
It seems our full-back appears to have escaped with just bruising but Bendtner condemned Boateng for his disgraceful challenge.
“It could have been another bad one, but luckily nothing happened,” said the Danish striker. “It was a poor challenge. You can see the stud marks up Bac’s knee.” Bendtner was also angry with Boateng for poking him in the eye off the ball and felt the Dutch midfielder deserved to be sent off.
“My eye’s OK now,” he said. “I told him you can’t poke someone in the eye when the ref isn’t looking. That’s not fair. I told him that and he got a bit upset. He took it out on Bac and rightly got a red card. From then on the game settled down.”
AW has his say in the Telegraph: “Manchester United used to score late and I believe that this season nobody has scored more than Arsenal in the last 15 minutes,” said Wenger. “These kind of wins do strengthen belief and is a consequence of our spot-on attitude. For such a young team to have that is something special. But, as long as you have not won anything, it will play on your mind.”
nd Sol Campbell chips in with his views in the Daily Star: Campbell said: “We deserved the win. We kept probing, played some great football and created some great chances and it was all down to Nicklas knocking one in at the end. It was a tight game but the main thing is we got the win.”
Elsewhere, Sir Alex Ferguson reckons we are a real threat to United’s title ambitions. He told the Times: “We are back in the lead, but Chelsea have a game in hand. It’s also going to be a hard-fought tussle, with Arsenal coming strongly now, and I have a suspicion that they might yet mount the biggest challenge.
“To a certain extent the title is in our hands because Chelsea have to come to Old Trafford [on April 3] and naturally that will be a massive match, but, as I say, I’m wary of Arsenal if they don’t suffer too many more injuries to key players.”
Writing in the Bugle, Henry Norris claims a scoop with the claim that he has seen AW’s wish-list of summer targets. “Wenger very rarely returns to the talents of former players but has done so this season by re-signing Sol Campbell. Next up to make a return to Arsenal will be former schemer Paolo Vernazza — you read it here first.” He adds that the sausage rolls in the Arsenal Tavern are superb on match days. “Try them…I urge you.” Top work, Henners!

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