Clichy rallies against the City bankers

Three cheers for Gael Clichy! For the Arsenal left-back has called it how it is in the aftermath of Togo’s richest man’s move to Manchester City.
This morning’s Sun tells us that despite Emmanuel Adebayor claiming abusive Gooners forced him into the £25million move, it is perhaps more likely that the slight matter of £150,000 a week could be the real motive.
He told the tabloid: “I really believe if you are a player who thinks only about money then you could end up at Manchester City. You have to think if you want to play for a big club and have your image or if you want to play for a good club and earn big money.”
Adebayor seems to have plenty to say at the moment and has also given an interview to the Daily Star in which, alarmingly, he has called for Kolo Toure to join him at Eastlands.
“Kolo Toure is a great friend of mine. He is a top defender and a very big player for Arsenal,” said City’s odds-on favourite top offsider next season. “Kolo has been playing in the Premier League for seven or eight years so he knows the league very well. Believe me, I know how good he is.
“If the manager can get Kolo I know he can deliver what the club wants from him,” said Adebayor. Whether it is John Terry or Kolo Toure, I think Manchester City needs one more quality defender. Kolo could join me in helping Manchester City achieve their dream of becoming one of the best teams in the world.”
Dream on, pal.
Meanwhile it’s nightmares not dreams that seem to be surfacing with the news that Harry Redknapp is getting twitchy about T*******’s move for Paddy Vieira. Then again, he gets twitchy about anything.
The man who so vehemently derided Haringey Joke Shop fans when they abused Sol Campbell at Pompey is suddenly their best friend and reckons they’ll have no problems should PV move from Inter Milan. And it’s a switch, he says, Vieira is keen to make.
Redknapp told the Sun: “Patrick wants to come to us and that says an awful lot about the man and his character.
“He wants to come here for the challenge not the money, because he would probably earn a third of what he is on at Inter. I am very interested in signing him. I don’t know where we are with the deal at the moment, but Patrick is very keen.”
Asked how Spurs fans would welcome the former Gunners skipper, Redknapp said: “They’d love him. He was an Arsenal legend and now he wants to play for us.
>What’s wrong with that? It’s not like he has murdered someone.”
But wait a minute, this the same manager who told the Daily Mail: ‘Patrick was someone I was interested in but I’m not sure where that’s gone. It’s not developed.’
I am confused. Perhaps not as confused as ‘Arry, though. Or is he simply playing a game with the Press? What a card, eh?
Expect the feeder club boss to target Oleg Luzhny, Igor Stepanovs and Ted Drake any time soon.
Finally, over to the Daily Express and the shocking news that Emmanuel Eboue is a £9m target for Fiorentina and several Spanish clubs. Settle for eight mil, Arsene.

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