Depressed beyond tablets, gone beyond pills

I see reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is looking well. And on to the Arsenal where it’s a case of good news and bad news this morning after that shambles against Even Fatter Than Before Sam Allardyce’s mob of brutes. The good news is that we only have one game left in which to snatch a point and secure third spot in the Premier League and thus avoid the Champion League qualifiers. The bad news is that we only have one game left in which to snatch a point and secure third spot in the Premier League and thus avoid the Champion League qualifiers. And yes I know that we could do it by default come Wednesday when City play T********.
But it comes to something when next up we are at home to Fulham and you can’t confidently predict that we will get a draw let alone win. Yes, Fulham have the Europa Cup final ahead of them three days after the visit the home of football. Yes, Woy Hodgson will probably rest key players. And no, we don’t have the stomach for a fight as was so demonstrably evident yesterday at Ewood Park so we can’t take any possible comfort from the fact that Fulham will be under strength.
From the starting eleven yesterday I can think of only five players who I would keep at the club let alone make the starting line-up. They are Sagna, Eboue, Campbell, Nasri and Van Persie. When former Notts County pensioner Sol Campbell is one of your best players you have to question the fortitude of his team-mates. And the manager — if Arshavin is fit enough to be on the bench then why not start him?
It was a similar scenario at the DW/JJB/Springfield Park with RVP. Arshavin hasn’t even got the argument that he wants to stay fit for the World Cup. Diaby and Walcott have undeniably got bundles of talent but lack desire and at the top level that is so crucial. If AW can get a quid for the both of them he should take it.
And so we trudged out of the ground and to the nearest alehouse. To stand in a pub after the game and be mocked by f****** Blackburn fans and not have any answer to their colourful invective centered on ‘soft’ and ‘southern’ tells its own story. The clog-wearing imbeciles were dressed as smurfs for Christ’s sake. They did take some time out of berating us to have the odd dig at their Lancashire chums Burnley and their relegation but soon re-focused and rounded the abuse off with a rendition of the AW song that dare not speak its name.
And still we couldn’t muster an argument. Well, we could have especially with that last song but the locals were restless and outnumbered us and we had a six hour drive ahead of us…’go figure’ I believe is the modern parlance.
The away end said a lot, too. We have a fair smattering of Monkey Arsenal (northerners) who usually make up the numbers when we are north of Watford and ensure we have a decent turnout (witness Wigan) but we couldn’t sell all our tickets for this one. As well as the players giving up, it seems the fans have to. And can you blame them? Ho hum, there is always next season. Haven’t we said that before?</
*The backpage round-up has been suspended today under medcial advice. Depressed beyond tablets, I’m gone beyond pills, as Half Man Half Biscuit would say.

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