Gum on you Gunners

How fat is Kevin Davies, by the way? How gummy is Owen Coyle? And how many points did ‘plucky’ Bolton gain from two games against us in the space of four days? AW, mate, do yourself a favour and don’t loan whining Coyle Jack Wilshere…he’ll come back to London with a flat cap and a whippet for heaven’s sake.
Oh the japes as we went top of the shop and saw off the not-so-hot Trotters with a bit of steel in the 4-2 win at the Emirates last night. How often have we been bullied out of games (especially by industrial teams such as last night’s opponents) and been accused of being namby-pamby southern softies?
That’s why I was cheered by a second-half performance that showed we have spirit, skill and strength, though quite how we were losing 2-0 right up until just before half-time is beyond me.
Bolton took a two-goal lead through Gary Cahill and Matt Taylor but Tomas Rosicky scored before half-time, Fabregas levelled and goals from Thomas Vermaelen and Andriy Arshavin completed the win.
Bill Gallas’s tackle on some Bolton no-mark has enraged an envious nation and this morning’s Mirror think they are being clever by suggesting that AW both saw the challenge but apologised for it.
The paper says AW was ‘forced to scrap his usual non-committal stance and admit he saw the foul on Mark Davies, which was likened to an “assault” by Owen ‘false teeth’ Coyle…nice ploy, pal, wasting time after seven minutes….where did it get you, eh? Hope you go down.
AW said: “I’m sorry if the tackle was not good. Really. There are two things I’ve heard just now. One, that he was not happy with the tackle. I’m sorry the tackle was not a good one, and I apologise.
“The second thing was that we went on to play regardless, and I think that’s unfair. The players went on. They didn’t even know what was happening behind,  when the player went down, whether the player gets up again. You don’t know what’s happening behind you.
“I don’t believe you can kick the ball out every time a player is down when you win the ball. That means, if you’re 2-1 down, you have to kick the ball out every time a player goes down. The referee was in a strong position.”
The paper says AW also condemned the Arsenal fans who cheered when Davies was stretchered off and had to be replaced by Gavin McCann.
He added: “Of course, you don’t want that. I believe always we are responsible for our behaviour, no matter what happens anywhere else.”
For the record, Coyle’s quotes from the, yawn, Sun: “It was akin to assault. It was a terrible challenge and I have seen red cards given for less than that. Arsenal’s second goal was the big turning point.
“I could accept it if Gallas had got a bit of the ball but he’s touched absolutely none of it. Mark Davies was clearly in agony. The lad is prostrate on the ground but Arsenal, being full of fair play as we keep hearing, carried on playing and scored on the break.
“He’s gone for a scan and it looks like severe ligament damage. The ref told me he didn’t see it. I was 40 yards away and I saw it. He was five or 10 yards away and he didn’t. The linesmen said they didn’t see it either.”
AW amplifies the point about stop-start football, adding: “Remember our game against Everton when Denilson went down injured. I said then they shouldn’t have kicked the ball out and that was a much more obvious situation. We also got some big tackles over the two games against Bolton and we had to cope with it.”
Meanwhile, Sol Campbell is suing Portsmouth for £1.7million in alleged unpaid image rights fees and bonuses, reports the Mail. Pompey’s former captain, 35, claims the cash-strapped club owe him £1.67m, plus more than £60,000 in interest. Campbell’s writ was lodged with the High Court earlier this month. It claims Portsmouth agreed to pay him £20,000 a week for the first year, and £30,000 for the last two years of his contract, to use his image in commercial and sponsorship deals.
You won’t get your money, Sol…Pompey will be defunct by the end of the season.

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