by CARL ELDRIDGE First Samir Nasri. Now, of all the players we didn’t want to see bleedin’ injured,  Tom Rosicky has done his hamstring and could be sidelined for six weeks. Unbelievable.
The Sun reports that the Czech midfielder pulled up in training yesterday and will be out until mid-September. It was always AW’s fear that Rosicky would tweak something after such a long time out.
We must hope it is just a natural reaction to putting himself through tough physical demands again rather than anything long-term. Fingers, legs and everything crossed.
Meanwhile, Peter Hill-wood has spoken. And Cesc Fabregas is going nowhere (for now). Not to Barcelona (yet). Not to AC Milan. In between puffs on a fat Cuban cigar and quaffing quails eggs (no doubt), PHW has stated the blindingly obvious.
This morning he told the Daily Star: “There is absolutely no chance of us selling Cesc. All this talk is just fabrication. Cesc is happy at ­Arsenal as far as I am aware.”
As far as he is aware? That means he doesn’t know doesn’t it? I wonder how often PHW and fab Fab have chewed the cud over a vintage bottle of rioja.
PHW: Ahh, there you are young Fabulous. Getting along OK at the Arsenal are you? Spanish isn’t it? Catalan? Same thing old boy. Never had much time for those types. Franco wasn’t it? Now run along and get out there kicking the ball up the field. Hurrah!
CF4: Do I know you pal?
Back in the real world and the redtop continues to quote PHW: “We are pretty happy with the players we have got.  Everyone says we’ve got a very small squad but we played a lot of youngsters in the Emirates Cup and not one of them looked out of place.
“Arsene is talking about adding one or two to the squad and there is a ­certain amount of money he has to spend. If Arsene wanted to buy a decent player he could, as long as the figure was not ridiculous.”
Yes, yes, yes you crusty old goat, let the lad speak. Fabregas told the tabloid:  “For the last three seasons we have been unlucky with injuries so hopefully this year we can all stay fit.
“We will never start the season thinking we are ­going to finish fourth. Every big club goes through difficult moments and we are in one at ­Arsenal. We have to be stronger than ever and stick together and I’m sure we will be fine. The quality is here.”
Elsewhere, Fulham quifster Roy Hodgson has offered his take on the Brede Hangeland rumours.
He told today’s Daily Mail: ‘When a club like Arsenal – or Manchester City or Liverpool – when they lose a player the attention will always turn towards who the other good centre-backs are in the Premier League and who they could be looking at.
‘Arsenal have done their business very quietly (it’s the only way, Roy, but flushing gives it away) and they keep things to themselves. We have had no contact with Arsenal and whether there is an interest only Arsene knows.
‘When I see him interviewed he says he has enough centre-halves and is not in the market for one. Only he knows what his true feelings are.’
Until tomorrow fellow N5ers.
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