Is Cesc really serious about leaving? or is this another tabloid scare?

Arsenal are not a selling club, but with the exodus of previous world class stars from the Invincibles onwards, could we now struggle to hold onto our new up and coming prodigies? It would appear that Cesc Fabregas has again spoken about his long term future, and it would appear to be not at The Arsenal. Speaking with a radio station in Barcelona he has confirmed openly without confusion that he is seriously contemplating leaving the club next summer. Barcelona would appear to be the desired destination, but of course Real Madrid is bound to enter the auction.
This should not be an earth shattering revelation, because as I have pointed out in countless comments and several blogs, the writing on the wall was evident from the time that he did his TV show. When he was asked what he wanted from Arsenal? To win trophies came the reply. The report in Marca states that Cesc has given an interview to a Catalan Radio station RAC1

Cesc Fábregas admitió que considera “un sueño” la posibilidad de regresar algún día al Barcelona, club en el que se formó como jugador, aunque insistió en que su intención a corto plazo es “darlo todo” por el club inglés. “Decidí darlo todo por el Arsenal y no tiro las cosas así como así, me gustaría intentar ganar más títulos aquí, aunque el año que viene, ya veremos”, comentó en una entrevista a Rac-1.

The translation according to Google Translate is

Cesc Fabregas believes he admitted that “a dream” to return someday to Barcelona, the club that was formed as a player, although he insisted that his intention in the short term is to “give everything” by the English club. “I decided to give everything for Arsenal and not throw things as well, I would try to win more titles here, but next year we will see,” he said in an interview to Rac-1.

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He went on further commenting upon the amazing 6-1 drubbing of Athletico Madrid by Barcelona recently, if you were lucky enough to see the match as I did, then the score-line is a fair result. But as well as exhilarating beautiful football from the Catalans, it has to be said that Athletico Madrid’s defending was simply awful…
Cesc said that he was pleased to see the beautiful football played by the same players who accompanied him in the Barcelona youth system. He was happy to see the likes of Messi, Iniesta and Xavi playing with such gay abandon. He acknowledged that while he remains at Arsenal, he will do his best to secure a trophy and admitted that he was just rediscovering his form after a period of injury.
What I was more shocked about was the fact that he remains allegedly in regular contact with Alexander Hleb a player that he admired greatly according to this excerpt from SkySports

Fabregas also admitted that he is missing playing alongside midfielder Alex Hleb – who moved to Camp Nou last summer.
“Every week I chat to Alex Hleb on the phone because he’s the guy I most miss at Arsenal. He’s a friend and I also loved playing with him,” he added.
“He always looks for you with a pass and if you give him the ball you can always count on getting it back at the right time.”

We can rebuild again I suppose, but what signal does it send to the other young talent on display in this Arsenal squad. World Class players attract others of similar calibre to the club. We already know that Arsene Wenger can attract youngsters who will see their chances of playing first team football under him as greater than at any other Premiership club. However think on this… What will be the incentive to stay at the club when these players reach maturity and their peak?
Very little if we remain trophyless, then Arsenal will be faced with the very opposite strategy than the one it has tried so hard to pioneer. To have to buy in very expensive world class players to replace those young ones that have left. I have always counselled you all to ignore what you read in the tabloids, but next summer I am increasingly of the view that we will lose Cesc Fabregas to a Spanish team, whether we win a trophy or not…
The challenge is now not to worry over spilt milk, but try to rebuild a reputation at the club that will persuade the likes of Jack Wilshere and Carlos Vela that it is worth staying at the club for many years to come, and repay the opportunity given to them by Arsene Wenger. This will require winning the Premiership and the Champions League. If and when Fabregas finally leaves, it will have just gotten a little harder.
In terms of Arsenal’s transfer policy of not buying in experienced world class talent which I do not agree with, it seems ironic that the inability to sign Xabi Alonso or some other great player over the summer might just have been the catalyst for such comments from Fabregas, who has to carry the bulk of expectation and workload in the team now. For those Arsenal fans who regularly come on this Blog and suggest that the lure of an Arsenal shirt alone should be enough to convince players to stay long term, you might just be feeling a little silly at the moment, but should I say I told you so? damn right I will…
Fabregas the King.

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