Well, that's that then...

Well, that’s that then. Even the most diehard, ardent and one-eyed Arsenalista amongst us surely can’t see us troubling the title this season after an awful defeat against Manchester United at the Emirates yesterday.
Talk about not turning up. Christ on a bike. But remember dear readers we must endure the lows to get the most out of the highs…and it couldn’t get much lower than this.
No desire, passion, verve, energy, drive, ambition, confidence. And that was just Samir Nasri. And what on this blessed earth has happened to Gael Clichy. This once fleet-footed athlete now runs as if he has had flesh, blood and veins removed from his lower limbs and replaced with the foam from an old sofa.
I am not even going to start on Almunia or Denilson because it would end up in court such would be the level of my criticism. In short, he is shite. He can’t even kick a ball properly. Lord above. Of course, collectively we were awful but the team spirit is raised by individual brilliance and for once at least I can’t remember a redeeming quality about any single aspect of our game yesterday.
To be fair though I was in a trance after 20 minutes, trying to get my head around how limp we were so if I am being a bit harsh I apologise in advance. But we’re Arsenal, we stick together and there is no better match to show we can play football the way people want to see it than when we face Chelsea next week. And at least United getting three points helps their cause because I would rather they won it than the other lot.
Right, onto the papers and AW tells the Sun:  “We need to do something special now to stay in the race. Of course. I’m conscious of that. It’s difficult to accept – but easy to explain. We were poor defensively and offensively and delivered an off-the-mark performance completely.
“That’s why we were well beaten. It’s a massive blow and a massive disappointment. We gave them too much room, were naive and there were massive individual errors.”
The Mail goes into depressing detail on how Rooney and Co dismantled us and left out Premier League crown hopes dashed.
And the Mirror says simply: There can be no arguments this time. It was men against boys at the Emirates.
As for the rest of the papers, you’ll have to trawl through them yourselves I am afraid because I can no longer stomach reading sentence after sentence of high praise for United and doom-laded discussion on the Arsenal. Keep the faith…if you can.

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