Wenger eyes Henry as RVP back-up at Arsenal

Cross everything – fingers, toes and eyes – before you read on: I am trying to imagine our season should the king of the world get injured. In no way am I tempting fate. Let’s be honest, he has had his fair of share of ailments has our Robin. He has put them to one side and is in an amazing  run of form with 38 goals in 41 games for club and country. But it’d be just our luck. But what if? What are our options if RVP is sidelined for any period?

Poor old Marouane Chamakh would have been a shoo-in this time last season, and probably was. But he has seemingly lost confidence in himself and AW has done so too and there is even talk of the French-Moroccan striker being shipped out in January.

Of course, Theo or the Gervster could lead the line. Walcott is in fine form and would no doubt welcome the chance to harness his use his new found aplomb down the middle, a position he consider his best. The G-man needs to ditch his Adidas crowd-finders and a goal or two would help his belief. Trouble is that he will be away with the Ivory Coast for three weeks at the end of January in the African Cup of Nations.

The job might be too much too soon for Ju Young Park. And, no, we’re not getting NB52 back, either before you ask.

AW has said he isn’t looking for new recruits in the transfer window but our old mate Martin Kewon has a cunning plan. He reckons that AW should look no further than our former king, Thierry Henry, as back-up. Henry is training with us and Keown suggests we snap him up.

He said: “Perhaps we need a centre forward. Thierry Henry is now training with the team and it’d be nice if he came in on a loan period, but that would only be a short term solution. There’s a lot on Van Persie’s shoulders. It’s not about one player, but he’s scoring the goals, and we need another goal scorer.”

I was told by someone with reasonable links to the club that AW is monitoring Henry’s fitness in training before he makes up his mind – he is “mulling it over”. I think he has said publicly that he won’t be signing him but posotions change, right?

Would Tel be the short-term answer? If AW does give him a go could I suggest we take Bobby Pires back as well – you know, for old time’s sake.

In other Arsenal news, Sebastien Squillaci is a target for Espanyol – but the Spanish side are struggling to meet the club’s £4m valuation. And I am struggling to work out how on earth we value him at such a high price.

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