Football hacks were queuing up yesterday to get their five minutes with Arsene Wenger as the Arsenal boss gave them his time at the launch of the Gunners’ charitable tie-up with London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Of course, all of them wanted a ‘line’, not the type you might find in the toilets at the Railway in Finsbury Park, but an exclusive quote on to which they can hang a story.
Hey, even got in on the act and did their own bit of creative interpretation of a quote from AW. Pravda, sorry, explains that AW has ruled out a move for Paddy Vieira yet his actual comments when asked about a return for PV33 were “Not at the moment, no.”
A moment later that could be different.
Over at the Sun they tell us PV33 is due to meet PV tomorrow before the friendly with Valencia to talk over a possible return. Who is right? Well, the Sun broke the news that Tom Rosicky was out for six weeks yesterday — a story that AW has now confirmed — and as far as I can see has no mention of his health 24 hours later.
One player who is in rude health is young Jack Wilshere and the Guardian bod at yesterday’s briefing was told by AW that he resembles Wayne Rooney.
“I believe what is good in Jack’s case,” said AW, “is he reminds me a bit of Rooney when he started, in his belief and in his positive attitude to go forward. still has a lot to learn, team-wise and in his relationship with other players but there are some great basics there. You do not want him to be a star before he has delivered, though, and managing expectation levels is harder here than anywhere else.”
To defensive cover and AW told the same paper that he is eyeing Brede Hangeland and that Phil Senderos could indeed be on his bike.
“Senderos has an opportunity to go because he has only one year left on his contract. We have had a look at Hangeland, although we have not contacted Fulham or the player,” he said.
The Daily Mail got their slice of AW for their back pages this morning and their yarn looks at the league standings in the Premier League and the possible break up of the top four.
Said AW: ‘I never felt that the top four were set forever. If you look at the last 10 seasons, only two teams (Arsenal and United) were always in the top four. You cannot discount Aston Villa. Last year they collapsed in the last 12 games, but at some stage they looked like they would fight for the championship. 
‘Man City have a great squad, but sometimes when you buy more than three players you make a technical gamble to find the balance. Sometimes it clicks, sometimes it can take a few months.’
The Champions League draw? Got to be Celtic hasn’t it?