We’re talking Uranus here, Cesc

Here we go again. I’ll wager a pound to a penny that the speculative coverage of Cesc Fabregas’ move, perceived or otherwise, to Barcelona garners more than 25billion column inchs this summer. That’s the distance from Earth to Uranus. Perhaps Uranus Wanderers should consider a bid. We start with a fair few inches this morning in the papers, which dig out Peter Hill-wood for claiming that Barca have promised not to come calling for the Catalan hero once the season comes to a close.

The Sun says Fab and AW have been left incensed by an ‘astonishing gaffe’ from Arsenal chief Hill-Wood. They say the Gunners chairman infuriated his star player and manager by claiming the Arsenal skipper “would not even get in” the Barcelona team.

Hill-Wood said: “If you want my opinion, I’m not sure he would even get in their team. Do they need him? I’m not sure they do.” A ‘source’ close to the club revealed: “Cesc and Arsene were furious Hill-Wood should go so far as to suggest Fabregas isn’t good enough to play for his old club.
“They thought his comments were bang out of order. Anyone who is anybody in football knows Cesc would enhance any team in the world, even Barcelona. So the next meeting between Hill-Wood and his manager is likely to be a frosty one.”
Meanwhile, the Mail claim Barcelona are plotting a raid on us this summer but their top target is Gael Clichy rather than Cesc Fabregas. They say Clichy impressed Nou Camp boss Pep Guardiola with two excellent performances against Barca in the Champions League quarter-final.

And the paper adds that Guardiola has identified the need for a left back as a greater priority than a central midfielder like Fabregas, although the issue is clouded by the club’s presidential elections in the summer. Meetings were held between representatives of the two clubs when they clashed in the Champions League, the paper says.

The Mirror believes AW Wenger is preparing for a rebuilding programme after we crashed out of the title race. And the board will also try to persuade the boss to commit himself to a new long-term contract this summer as the club looks to build for the future.

They say AW will be afforded a £30m-plus budget for transfers and new contracts on the back of encouraging financial figures from the club’s Highbury property development which will be discussed at next week’s board meeting. But the current Arsenal hierarchy – including chief executive Ivan Gazidis and majority shareholder Stan Kroenke – want AW to stay, although there may be pressure to buy new players to keep fans happy.

Writing in the Telegraph, former North Bak idol Alan Smith tells us: ‘If you want to compete for the title, you also need a better goalkeeper than Manuel Almunia. When you compare him with Edwin Van der Sar, Petr Cech, Pepe Reina and Shay Given, he is not at their level. He has made mistakes this season at crucial times and people find it hard to understand why Arsenal didn’t go for Given last year. I also think Fulham’s Mark Schwarzer is a better keeper. It is rare to win a championship without a top goalkeeper; they are crucial and can win you matches.
In midfield, a common theme has been the need to buy a strong and imposing player, but the emergence and improvement of Alexandre Song has negated that. Song will continue to get better and, with Cesc Fabregas and Abou Diaby, the midfield is not a priority. Up front, it seems that Marouane Chamakh will sign from Bordeaux, and he will bring something different. He is a poacher, a fox in the box, and very good in the air.
Could have done with Smudger back the other night at the shit pit, that’s for sure.

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  1. guys grow up the manager is the problem at arsenal coz he buys players of less impact and hides his weaknesses in the opinion that “my players are still yet” yet those players are starters in their respective countries. let the manager leave and am sure no club would like to associate with a loser


    He has come close to getting my player of the season since Rambo’s injury. Song, Verms and Cesc are obvious choices!

  3. The loser who went an entire season undefeated and beat our rivals for 20 games in a row? Who are you? Thats what I thought, nobody.

  4. John in Norfolk | 16/04/2010 at 11:37 |

    Don’t look for any big spending this summer, with the upheaval and uncertainty in the board room allied to the approaching end of Wenger’s contract I can’t see that there is the leadership or direction from the club’s hierarchy necessary to drive the team forward.

    Everybody in football can see that it is blatantly obvious that we need a goalkeeper, a centre back, a defensive mid-fielder and a striker.

    I do not see any such payers coming out of the academy, which rather begs the question why are we spending so much on it when it only seems to produce players for other teams.

  5. jin because it DOES develop players not surplus to our requirements 1 time out of maybe 10 or 20 or 100? and that one is well worth the investment in the system.

    Need you be reminded that athletico and real were pretty even as successful clubs until A.M dismantled their youth system. Raul was the product who went to real as a kid and never looked back.

    did not spurs stop focusing on youth to their detriment a decade odd ago under Sugar? I think what you can’t do is bring in loads of bought talent again like real did with the galaticos (sp) and meld them successfully with the homegrown talent. due to the income discrepancy between the two types of players it can create a dodgy atmosphere in the dressing room. IN re REal for all the talent they had through those years their success did not show in silverware at the level everyone thought they should have. So basically it is a business model that has not been proved in practice.

    Soccernomics indicates successful clubs are not based purely on silverware but a solid passionate fan base and a belief that the club IS competing for the prizes every year. We are obviously of that class.

    In re Cesc,

    I think the “conspiracy” is the continued press which seeks to destabilize him. That seeks to find a chink in the armour of the boring old message the club put out on this subject day in and day out. And the honorable Hill Wood being all too clever with his aside which has now been turned into some type of dis on Cesc which it was never meant to be by H-W obviously. Arsenal press officer was not consulted on those comments I can almost assure you!

    Furthermore, AW and afc will spend as necessary for value this summer while bringing back those long term injured in the current squad, bring up those with the quality and “belief” as AW has said, and seeking to create more quality cover in the squad when the first 11 go through their injury woes.

  6. AW and Arsenal have lost a game they were in control of at Wigan! Obviousiy we just know how to pass but not how to defend. Fabianski is just useless. Aluminium is a shade better than Fabianski but in the same category- hopeless. I am sorry Arsenal is not good enough to be champions of any competion and the evolution is still yet to mature. I hope we”ll not be in fourth while Tot Scum replaces us. We obviously need better goalkeepers than the rubbish ones we have, Aluminium, Fabianksi, Vito Minnone etc ….. I am sure we will go down against ManCiteh or just draw at the best.

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